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Make Important Women Of Your Lives Happy With Gifts


Be it your daughter or sister or your best friend or partner – every girl deserves something special as a gift on any special day. So, one must do a bit of research when they are looking for gifts for a girl or a woman. Yes, one may look for gifts that can go with the occasion for which they are looking for gifts but there are many gift ideas that one can regulate as a gift idea for any occasion. It can be birthdays, friendship day, daughter’s day, Valentine’s Day or any other.

These days online gift sites have become very pro and they keep a lot of curated gifts that a woman can love. One can always go for personalized gift items but there are other gift basket and hamper ideas as well that one can choose from.

When it comes to gifts for girls – one can either order them from online sites or they can prepare the gift on their own. The best thing about gift cards or gift baskets is that, one can add more than one item in that and hence it is a few small nice items instead of one big thing.

What to choose as gifts for girls?

Though cliché; it is actually true that when it comes to gift ideas for girls – the options are endless. Here are some nice gift ideas that one can think of:

  • Makeup Hamper or a Beauty Basket

Many girls and women love doing makeup. Actually, a basic makeup kit has become almost necessary for everyone if they are working women or going to college. Now, one may not have a clear idea of what can be added to a makeup kit or a hamper. Here are a few essentials that they must add. One can go for a good BB cream (not foundation because it is difficult to spot the matching shade), a box of assorted eyeshadows, a crayon lipstick and a cream blusher along with a kajal and an eyeliner. Of course, one can add more items like mascara and highlighter but these are the basics. When it comes to beauty baskets – one can add a face wash, a body lotion, a scrubber, a body wash and a face cream. Even if your girl is not so fond of makeup items – skincare products are something that is necessary and all of them use it.

  • Fitness Basket

Is your partner or sister being a fitness freak? Are they the ones who go to the gym daily or have signed themselves to a yoga class? Then a fitness basket can be ideal for them on any occasion. Here, one can add a soft towel, a sipper, some tiny boxes of dry fruits, a yoga mat, protein bars, whey protein and other things. If one has a high budget then they can also add a fitness tracker.

  • Spa Basket

It’s true that everyone is stressed these days. Be it work pressure or higher studies – one has to dedicate too much. Also, the weather change and increase in pollution makes one feels more tired. Hence, one may often suffer from joint pains, neck pains, back pains and other issues. Gifting a spa basket to your mother or daughter can make them immensely happy. One can get some spa vouchers from a good spa clinic where they can book them a few sessions of whole-body massage, deep tissue massage and aromatherapy massage. If one is thinking of making a spa basket for home then one must add these things:

  • Face and body scrub
  • Body butter
  • Tan removal packs
  • Face serum sheets
  • A light body oil
  • Bath salt
  • A bathing bar
  • A set of scented candles


  • Tea and Coffee Basket

This is something that can be gifted to anyone who is in love with hot beverages. In this basket, one can add varieties of tea bags (cinnamon, lavender, oolong, chamomile, Darjeeling and more) along with some packs of cookies and tea cakes. When it comes to coffee a bottle of fresh beans (or medium ground coffee) can fit the bill. One can also add a nice coffee mug to the gift hamper.

  • Travel Card

Does your sister or daughter love to travel? Then MakeMyTrip travel gift cards are perfect as a gift for them. These Make My Trip cards can help them to explore a new place. These days because of stressful personal and professional lives – everyone needs a break and what is better than a holiday? Gifting a certain amount of travel cards can help them to book their flights or make hotel reservations. In fact, getting a travel card can also inspire them to plan a holiday soon.

These are some popular gift ideas that one can think of when they want to surprise important women in their lives whether there is an occasion to celebrate or to just celebrate life.

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