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Major Reasons for Androids to win the Smartphone Market


There have been various operating systems that have tried hard to make their way into the Smartphone market, including Blackberry, Windows, iOs, and Android. However, most of them failed to make it big. Ever since the launch of Android OS, it has been the best selling operating system that is being used by most of the smartphone companies out there. Now, what is crucial to understand is what makes Android smartphones so much attractive? Let us know the best parts about Android smartphones which makes it the most widely used throughout the world. Check out the Mobile Price in India online for free.

Hardware Choices:

When it comes to the number of choices that you can choose from in android smartphones, it is literally endless! The number of companies manufacturing android smartphones has made the android market really competitive which encourages to provide the best hardware specifications. Moreover, companies thrive to launch the latest technologies before anyone else so that they can stand out from the others in the market. Motorola Moto G8 Plus Price can also be checked online.

Easy Customization:

Androids are highly customizable and provide you with almost each and every option according to which you can alter the features of your smartphone as per your need. Not only does it allows features and applications customization but you can even increase the memory of your smartphone whenever required with the availability of memory slots. The cherry on the cake, you have endless options regarding the smartphone accessories to pick from.

Google Support:

As we all know that Android OS is developed and updated by Google, it makes it trustworthy and also adds on with a lot of Google features such as Google Assistant, the Play Store from where you can download endless applications, and many more You also get an inbuilt Gmail as well as Maps applications backed up by Google which comes up really handy on the go!

Universal Charging and Budget-Friendly: Androids come with universal chargers It implies that you can use the charger of any other android user, even a different company, when In need. Moreover, the prevailing competition in the market has encouraged the smartphone companies to come up with budget-friendly devices which can fit into the pockets of each and every user around the world. You can get a smartphone at really cheap prices as well as the most expensive ones touching the skies. You can check the Mobile Price in India beforehand to make your choice easier. Motorola Moto G8 Plus Price will surely make your jaw droop after comparing its specs.

If the above-mentioned points are not enough to persuade to buy yourself an Android smartphone, do not forget the regular updates that Google provides you with for their OS, and also, you get an audio jack!

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