Knowledgeum Academy (KA) – Offering IB Education in Bangalore, India for Global Aspirants

    Whether you aspire to study in a top US college, pursue a career in medicine or engineering, or want to get international exposure, the International Baccalaureate (IB) offers the best opportunities. The IB Schools in Bangalore, such as Knowledgeum Academy (KA) offer the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP), a two-year intensive pre-university programme. The school has set up a Wi-Fi campus in Jayanagar, Bangalore and has state-of-the-art laboratories and amenities to support learners with multiple engagement models. IBDP learners at Knowledgeum Academy are constantly engaged in co-curricular and extracurricular activities that prepare them for the rigours of academia in the finest education institutes of the world. Whether it is designing experiments, making presentations, or participating in community service activities, learners are constantly correlating their academic learning to the real world. Thus, they are strengthening their critical thinking skills and organisational abilities. 

    The IBO is a Switzerland-based leading international education board that offers internationally recognised education. It aims to endow learners with relevant skills that will help them adapt to the evolving global landscape and teach them values of tolerance, empathy and responsibility for their actions. IBO offers four school programmes which are designed to teach learners theory and application, guiding them to acquire important skills to become goal-oriented independent researchers and articulate individuals. The IB programmes are taught by international schools affiliated with IBO, which entrusts guidelines and monitors the school’s activities to ensure the highest standards are maintained at every level to ensure learners’ education is uncompromised. 

    Knowledgeum Academy was instituted by JAIN Group (JGI), one of India’s leading education conglomerates, recognised for its pioneering approach towards education. JGI brings to the fore the latent talent of learners by providing them with premium education, exposure to new experiences, and promoting an inquiring mind. Through Knowledgeum Academy, the group is setting new benchmarks that redefine the purpose of education and creating a comprehensive structure which makes education relevant and enduring. The founders of KA and JGI have integrated the vision of promoting meritocracy and honing strong personalities by providing learners with holistic learning platforms. 

    Many noted personalities from different fields have graduated from JGI, and KA’s alumni are all headed to the leading international schools in Bangalore and Indian colleges and universities. The school’s support programmes for university admission, personality development initiatives, mental wellness programmes and supportive academic and administrative staff work in tandem to provide learners a conducive learning environment. 

    IB education is recognised for its exceptional standards on a global platform. Thus, whether it is the qualification of the educators or the school infrastructure, everything is best. This explains the high fees of IB schools. However, at KA there is a strong belief in supporting talent, and they recognise the need to provide support where it will be valued. Hence, to encourage deserving candidates from all financial backgrounds to come forth and join KA, the school offers the Founders Scholarship to learners who ace the Knowledgeum Admission Test (KAT). The fees of the candidate who receives the scholarships will be waived. The school even helps learners secure an interest-free education loan with minimal documentation through its partnership with Liquiloans.

    Knowledgeum Academy is now preparing for admissions to the next academic year, which is, 2024-25. The school is inviting applications from aspirants globally. Learners who want to benefit from the school’s splendid education and facilities must fill out the online form and begin their application process. 



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