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Know about the best cardiac surgeons in New Delhi

Importance of a Cardiac Surgeon

Before understanding the importance of a cardiac surgeon, we need to understand what exactly is a cardiologist and what is their work. A Cardiologist is a doctor who has a specialization in treating heart-related issues and other disorders. Any individual who might think that they have an issue pertaining to the heart might want to refer to a cardiologist. They have great expertise over the study of cardiovascular disease or anything pertaining to the heart.

A cardiologist has practical experience in diagnosing and treating illnesses of the cardiovascular framework. The cardiologist will do tests, and they may some do strategies, for example, heart catheterizations, angioplasty, or embeddings a pacemaker.

Coronary illness relates explicitly to the heart, while cardiovascular infection influences the heart, veins, or both. The heart is one of the most sensitive organs of the body and one must be very careful while dealing with any such disease related to the heart.

When to refer to a cardiologist?

For a layman, it might be very difficult to know that they have any heart ailment until it happens explicitly and they experience any little pain in their heart then only they think of visiting a cardiologist. But one must keep knowledge of the symptoms that could possibly lead to heart disease and when they should visit a cardiologist. The symptoms are listed as follows

  •    One might experience trouble in breathing
  •   They might also suddenly develop a sense of dizziness and they might start feeling it anytime and when it starts getting frequent, one must visit a cardiologist.
  •   Sometimes one might even experience series of chest pains and if one is undergoing such pains, they have no reason to hide it but to reveal the same to the cardiologist.

One can know that they are suffering from heart disease when they visit a cardiologist and

undergo an ECG and through ECG, if one is experiencing any heart trouble then there would be change in the rhythm of the heartbeat

  •  Further, a heart patient would always have a high blood pressure.

Thus, when the individual complains about any of the above mentioned reasons, then the cardiologist undergoes some test in order to know about the rhythm of the heart or any kind of abnormality if persisting in the heart. Further, if anything is detected then the doctor immediately advises to go for a surgery and if avoided then any harmful act might follow.

Further, the cardiologist can also help out with several other diseases and they are as following

  • Anything pertaining to high blood pressure or cholesterol
  • Hypertension
  • Something like pericarditis can also be cured by the cardiologist
  • Any type of congenital heart disease can also be cured by the cardiologist
  • Any type of coronary heart disease can also be treated by a cardiologist

The cardiologists even have expertise in providing advice and suggestions regarding as to how to prevent heart disease. If it runs in your family or it already exists in your family history, it is not mandatory that it will also pass on to you or your generation. Thus, if the suggestions that are laid down by the cardiologist are strictly followed then the heart problem or any issue related to heart can be possibly eradicated.

Know about the best cardiac surgeons in New Delhi

The best cardiac surgeons in New Delhi are as following

  •  Dr. Z.S Meharwal– He is one of the best cardiologists in Delhi and has an experience of over 36 years and has settled with his practice in the Fortis Escorts Hospital.

Dr K.S Iyer– He is one of the most renowned doctors in Delhi. With an experience of over 40 years, he is acclaimed to be one of the best cardiac surgeons in the town. If you have any trouble pertaining to heart disease, no one can solve your problem in a better way than him.

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