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Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roof Installation Company


Choosing the best roofing company can be a difficult task. There are various factors to consider before hiring them, ranging from their industry reputation to how well they connect with customers. In this guest post, we’ll look at seven key questions to ask from various contractors that can help you decide which Roof Installation Company in New York is best for your project. These questions provide a fantastic starting point for searching for an experienced roofer who will deliver excellent service on your next project!

Does your company hold valid licenses and insurance coverage?

Legitimate roofing contractors always carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance in place to safeguard everyone in the case of any mishap during a building project. They must also have the essential licensing and qualifications to lawfully work for businesses and homes. Unlicensed roofing contractors may face fines for both parties if detected performing professional work. And without the proper insurance, homeowners may be forced to pay for medical costs and legal fees if any roofer is harmed.

Remember that a company license is not the same as a license for a roofing contractor. Business licenses are used for tax purposes and to identify the company; however, they do not imply that the contractor has completed the required state tests or is qualified to work as a roofer. A licensed roof installation contractor in New York will always be open and honest about showing their credentials.

How long have you been in this industry?

Long-established roofing companies or those with team members boasting decades of experience in the field are better positioned to deliver top-notch services than their newer counterparts or solo roofing contractors. Of course, this is only one factor, but it might be a helpful indicator in narrowing down your alternatives.

Remember that you also want someone who will stand behind their work after it has been done, so you should have your roof installed or replaced by a company that you know will be around down the road to stand up to any warranties they promised at the time of installation.

Have you handled similar kinds of roof projects before?

With the multitude of roofing materials, frame specifications, and installation complexities, it’s vital to understand their familiarity. You can relax if the contractor promises you they have worked on comparable roofing repair projects in New York. If the contractor admits to having never worked on a similar project, it might be best to eliminate them from your potential contractor’s list. With an untrained contractor, you may expose your roof to more damage or structural flaws.

What is your roofing installation process?

If your roofing contractor is average, they will work on multiple projects any day. Keep your effort from falling by the wayside in favor of their other initiatives. Quality control and accountability must be built into the process. A professional roofing contractor will have a manufacturer-certified crew foreman on-site the entire time and a project supervisor who will also regularly visit to oversee the operation. So, accept “experienced workers” as an excuse for the lack of on-site monitoring.

When the crew has completed the roof, the project supervisor will also be responsible for examining and approving it. An ethical Roof Installation Company in New York ensures that a dependable and educated individual is on the job to ensure the homeowner’s roofing process is as painless and stress-free as possible.

What is your approach to handling material disposal?

Roofing contractors frequently utilize dumpsters to collect and responsibly dispose of the roofing materials while tearing off and replacing the old roof. It is essential to understand where the trash will be stored and how it will handle any leftover scraps. The last thing you want is to discover a roofing nail in your driveway because you backed over it a week later and now need to repair your car tire. Inquire if their staff will utilize a magnetic roller to pick up every last nail, protecting you, your children, and your vehicle from any loose nails left behind.

What’s their workmanship warranty?

While the roofing materials manufacturer usually provides a warranty on their products, the roof installation contractor in New York usually provides its workmanship warranty. You might buy a shingle with a 20-year warranty, but the contractor’s craftsmanship warranty is only one year. Moreover, the manufacturer’s warranty is only valid if the materials were fitted following the manufacturer’s instructions. When collaborating with a roofing contractor who is relatively new or lacks experience, it’s essential to ascertain whether they adhere to manufacturer standards during installation and if they’ll be accessible for assistance if any issues arise. Ensure you’re safeguarding your investment in a new roof by inquiring about the manufacturer’s guarantee and the roofing company’s workmanship warranty.

Do you ensure that all estimates provided are accurate and documented?

When it comes time to pay the bill, the last thing you need is a pricey surprise. Your roofer should offer you a written estimate based on labor, materials, and any other issues that may arise throughout the job. The right roofing contractor will also communicate throughout the project, informing you of any financial developments. Moreover, they may also offer payment plan options for homeowners that require special financing scheme.

Trust American Star Contractor Corp.!

So, the above-listed are some important questions you should ask any roofing team before hiring them for a total roof replacement, roof repair, or any essential job. Although this isn’t an exhaustive list, we hope these questions will help you get one step closer to selecting a qualified and dependable Roof Installation Company in New York that can manage your roof replacement or repair flawlessly. American Star Contractor Corp. comprises a dedicated team of roofing experts you need for your next roofing project.

Call (862) 294-9990 to schedule your appointment with one of their experts for reliable and cost-effective roofing services.

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