Ideas and Tips for Planning Backyard Improvements


    To really get the most enjoyment out of your home, you should be able to make great use of your outdoor space. Enhancements to your backyard will prompt you and your family to spend more time outdoors. They might also increase the value of your home. If you’re thinking about improving your yard, here are some ideas and tips to get started.

    Start With Safeguarding Your Home Against Damage

    A few key yard maintenance tasks can protect your home from damage. Take care of these smart precautions before you move on to making upgrades.

    Give your landscaping a once over to identify areas where loose branches or a distressed tree could fall during a storm. Be particularly attentive to landscaping fixtures located in close proximity to your home and your driveway.

    Also, examine the slope of your yard around your house. If it pitches toward the house instead of away from it, that might make your home susceptible to water damage during a heavy rainstorm or flood. You can correct the land grading next to your home by adding or removing earth.

    Review Permitting Regulations

    Depending on where you live, it may be necessary to get a permit to undertake certain types of structural improvements or install new features. If you need a professional license to pull a permit, that could prevent you from attempting a DIY project. Compliance with applicable regulations could ultimately help you avoid costly fines or having to redo work.

    Be sure that you comply with local codes governing how you store and throw away landscaping or construction waste. Identify affordable storage and disposal solutions to keep your yard safe and orderly while it’s still a work in progress. If you need to find a dumpster rental in Houston, look for a company that offers onsite delivery and pickup. Having a large container can help simplify waste disposal for any type of outdoor improvement.

    Get a Survey

    Before you begin any substantial improvements to your yard, it may be wise to get a survey. A professional survey will confirm the exact location of your property line. That will ensure that your installation or alteration doesn’t encroach on a neighboring parcel of land. Also, if you have to pull a permit, a survey depicting as-is conditions might be a necessary step.

    Ascertain Insurance Coverages

    If you make an improvement to your home’s yard, are you sure you have adequate protection for it with your current homeowner’s policy? Also, what if the improvement that you make winds up causing some form of damage to your home? Check these types of concerns out with your current homeowners insurance carrier and determine whether you need to modify or enhance your coverages.

    Prioritize Projects That Add Value

    One of the best reasons to enhance your home’s exterior is that it could boost your home’s value. Making investments that protect property values safeguards homeowners’ equity investment. Giving your home a more attractive or functional backyard could enable you to get a great closing price in the event that you sell your property.

    Consider Installing a Privacy Fence

    To transform your backyard into a relaxing refuge where you can get away from it all, a fence may be an excellent addition. A fenced-in yard is especially beneficial for dog lovers who want their furry family members to be able to run around safely.

    Include Lighting in Your Plans

    Strategically placing solar-paneled outdoor lights will help you take advantage of your fantastic outdoor space anytime that you like. Lighting can facilitate safe backyard gatherings in the evening and also create a festive-looking setting. They could also be a great accent to walkways, and they can call attention to your property’s best landscaping features.

    A well-planned improvement is going to take a fair amount of work, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Getting organized and taking care of logistical matters before you get started on your backyard improvement project can make the process go much smoother.

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