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How to keep your employees happy (and its many benefits)

There are many benefits to having a great employee morale in your business. However, getting there might not always be an easy journey and as a company you might have to spent time as well as money to take those steps that will make running a business so much easier. It can be a really tough place to be in, so here are some top tips on how you can improve employee morale, and what it does to benefit your business. 

#1 Keep the information flowing

It is important to keep your employees in the loop when it comes to what is happening within your business. Employees that feel that they are part of the larger picture tend to be a lot happier than those that feel they are kept in the dark.

Although a lot of businesses prefer to use email to get messages and information through their business, it really is far better to hold regular meetings once a week, fortnight or month and then follow up each meeting with an email so that your employees have a note of what was covered within that meeting and of any issues raised.

These meetings can be held by team leaders or managers, but they should contain such information as to how the business is doing, what is on the horizon work or order wise, and how the time since the last meeting has gone. There should also be any feedback given from customers back to your workers so that they are aware if they have done well as well as if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

Every now and then, you will find that your employees would like to hear a thank you for any additional effort that they have put in or at the end of a particularly hard and stressful week.

#2 Health and safety

Looking after your employees’ health and safety on site is required by law, but not many businesses actually enforce it enough for their employees to be happy with the conditions on-site. This might be due to the coronavirus, or due to the machinery on site. If you are worried about the price of insurance, then just get yourself a better company to help you. Company Health Insurance is something that you shouldn’t dip out on just because of the money situation. You should really invest in the safety of your business, or consequently, lose it because someone has reported you to health and safety officials. 

#3 Communication 

For any business, communication is key. Communication, as well as acting on any issues raised, can help a business flourish from the inside out. Naturally, you might feel that you are a little lost for ideas as to how to communicate with your staff. Using software such as Slack or similar (or even just having a few group chats on Whatsapp if you feel it is appropriate) can be a good way to begin building strong relationships with each of your employees. 

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