How to identify the best jade?


    Objectively speaking, there are a lot of jade in the market, many of them can made into bracelets for mothers, but there are very few jades that can be called fine. High-quality goods, natural value in a “fine” word. The “fine” mentioned here has three meanings: 1. The selection of raw materials 2. The fine work of carving 3. The excellence of creativity.

    The essence of raw material. If you have no hand you can’t make a fist, and a fine creation must have a boutique grade material, this is the decisive basis. To pursue artistic beauty, jade carvings must understand the correct meaning of “the essence of mountains and rivers, the beauty of humanity”. That is, the color of the carved jade material should be beautiful, the texture should be warm, the raw materials should be selected, and the carving theme suitable for various jade materials should be designed. In summary, we can see the importance of the material. From the material can be seen: color, water and size are three important factors. A piece of high-quality raw material must be well colored and has good water, and then bigger size is more difficult to find. The original stone is gambling. The people who do the original stone business are basically old-fashioned veterans. The reason why they can buy a lot of materials is to see if these materials are fine enough. Higher protection for fine works. 

    The engraving master chooses materials from three aspects:1. to choose one kind of water or good color. 2. Choose color materials. This is the type of material that good jade carvers want most, and it gives them the most space to display. 3. Choose the tailing material, which means the most poor raw materials make the best quality and show superior design creativity. In addition, some jadeite products are “zero carvings”, that is, there are no complicated carvings, and the height of these works is based on the material as the main evaluation. Such as custom name bracelets,, beads and so on.

    There are many kinds of jade carvings, mainly characters, flowers, landscapes, utensils, birds and animals, etc. The quality appraisal and value evaluation of different kinds of jade pieces are different. The main considerations are: jade pieces should be creative, the overall design should be based on jadeite nature, shape and color materials. For some jadeite that cannot give people an aesthetic sense, the natural form should be broken. The shape of jade pieces should be beautiful, natural and vivid. The layout of the overall composition is reasonable, and the chapters must be dense with distinct levels and prominent themes. The surface of the jade piece should be bright and moist, flat and uniform, the size is uniform, the shape is not distorted, the wax is even, and the surface is free of green powder. Creativity is the soul of jade carving. The level of a true jade carving master is not enough to prove by his superb craftsmanship. What is truly convincing is based on his mastery of the characteristics of raw materials, water and color. Because there is no fixed routine for creativity, it can’t be done overnight. It must be based on the premise of mastering a variety of raw materials, and on the basis of accumulating a large number of actual creations. With the ultimate pursuit of design, craftsmanship and art as the yardstick, it is a perfect presentation of a work. Designer spends much time and efforts to challenges the talent limit. As a result, the created works can be tested and passed down forever in the long river of time. In short, a jade carving is a work of art. Its beauty lies in the artistic conception, or in form and color, or both. The jade carving is first of all the jade, the artistic conception is the key, and the shape of the jadeite finished product must be realistic to produce fine products.