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How to Find A Real Diamond

If you own a diamond jewelry, this is one of the most common questions that hit the thoughts definite after finishing all the admiration and the beauty of the jewelry, is what I own a real diamond, with the legit certification from the retailer can provide some assurance, but what about the jewellery that comes as the heirloom or without certification. How to know if they are real or fake? It’s always wise to go to a gemologist or the reputed jewelers who provide the services to check on the quality of the diamond and can provide a certificate. The most common procedure follower is by scratching the mirror with the diamond and if it’s a real diamond it scratches the surface, but there are well man-made stones such as quartz, moissanite, cubic zirconia, etc. can equally scratch the mirror and seem authentic. There are a few other ways to test a diamond.

The magnification test

This is mostly a comparison test, with the help of a 10X magnifying glass. For this test, you need the diamond that needs to be checked and the other stones that you can compare with. When you look through the magnifying glasses, the major difference between the stones are the flaws, the real diamonds have few internal and external flaws called inclusions because of its natural formation and the synthetic and manmade diamonds miss these.

The fog test

This is more a playful way but can help in determining the authenticity of the diamond. This is based on the physical and chemical reactions of the diamonds. As the real diamond doesn’t retain heat, when you blow warm air on the diamond, it doesn’t create any fog layer, which happens when you blow warm air on a mirror or other man-made stones.

A newspaper test

All you need is a newspaper and the stone to be tested for this process. A good quality diamond will refract light so intensely making it hard to see through the surface or the letters when placed on a newspaper whereas stones such as cubic zirconia are more transparent and the letters can be seen through it. This test is less reliable when the stone is small or when set in jewellery, which can influence the overview.

The candle/lighter test

This is one among few ways that can help in determining the real diamond. all you need is to keep place the diamond that needs to be checked, placed under the lighter or candle for approximately 35 to 45 seconds, then drop in quickly into the ice water. The difference you can notice here is from other stones and diamond is, diamonds made from glass, cubic zirconia or quartz will break or shatter during this test, whereas a real diamond will not react to the extreme temperature change.

Diamonds are in our lives as a prestige, investment and jewelry, you can find extensive high-end necklaces to a simple pendant, earring, and nose pin designs. And these are used as gifts to the dear once for any occasion. If you come across a diamond without any certification, you can follow any of the above tests, they are fine but it’s always wise to get it tested and certified at the right institute/gemologist.

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