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How is dry sampling effective?


Introduction to product sampling

Most businesses understand that the ratings and reviews are powerful tools to increase traffic, customer conversion, and customer insights. A product sampling program is an effective way to collect more of this content quickly. Product sampling programs are a quick and simple way for brands and retailers to increase their product review content for both the new and existing products. They allow brands and the retailers to collect a large amount of review content in a short period and are practical for products of any size.

How can dry sampling be effective?

Here are things that help brands and retailers get the most from their product dry sampling program:

  1. Know what they are trying to accomplish.

Maybe a business is looking to generate a high volume of reviews for one particular product, or perhaps they are hoping to generate reviews across multiple items in the product catalog. Businesses need to understand their end goal to run a successful product dry sampling campaign in both ways.

Some brands and retailers generally opt to send out a low volume of samples for a wide range of products to achieve high coverage. Some businesses are entirely set out to generate a high volume of reviews for one particular product.

  1. Know the target audience.

Businesses have to make sure the people who receive their samples are part of their ideal audience. This will ensure they are sending to more engaged recipients and they will see higher review collection rates. Businesses need to cultivate their database. For each dry sampling of a product, they need to screen their database with qualifying questions and then only distribute the samples to the respondents who meet their specific criteria. It is beneficial to work with a sampling agency that has a database of customers with many different backgrounds.

  1. They have to understand which products lend themselves to the most successful campaigns.

Product sampling programs helmed by the dry sampling techniques are effective for three types of products: The product launches: Shoppers are less likely to purchase a product that does not have reviews. Before launching their new products, businesses should execute a sampling campaign to ensure they have plenty of reviews available.

The seasonal promotions: The products that have a short shelf life, need to generate reviews quickly. The targeted products: There are other products in a businesses’ catalog that require additional review content. One good example of this is products that have high traffic but low conversion. Businesses need to run a product sampling program based on dry sampling for those targeted products to generate reviews. This will give the potential consumers that are coming to the product pages the confidence to make a purchase.

  1. Businesses need to time their product sampling program that is on the basis of dry sampling right.

A basic misconception is that businesses need to wait for a product to be launched fully before running a sampling product sampling program. Businesses should run these dry sampling programs before the product is launched fully in order to launch with plenty of reviews. Product sampling programs may last for six weeks to eight weeks

  1. The businesses should send post-purchase emails after consumers receive their samples.

An effective way to boost the dry sampling programs is by sending emails to the potential customers once they’ve gotten their samples in order to encourage them to give a product review.

  1. Businesses need to badge reviews appropriately.

When it comes to product sampling programs that are based on the dry sampling technique, transparency is the major key point. In order to preserve immense trust and transparency, businesses have to be sure to indicate which reviews were written as a result of the sampling campaign.

Dry sampling is a very popular method of assisting brands and retailers to raise awareness and promote their products. Dry sampling is an in-person sampling that allows the retailers to connect directly with the consumer and receive direct feedback without any lags in receiving feedback. Businesses have flourished using this technique as it has allowed them a more open space to create a direct connection with the consumers and let them interact without any obstructions.

The dry sampling technique can be made effective by taking advice and teaming up with a good sampling agency like Samplerr that will assist any business to carry out a smooth product sampling program that can boost the sales of their product. Dry sampling can be done on two bases, the first one being a supermarket basis where the product sampling program is conducted in supermarkets to reach a segregated amount of customers, and the second one being event-based sampling that lets the businesses open up a mass audience and generate product reviews.

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