Here’s How You Choose The Right Name For Your Supermarket


    What’s in a name you ask? Well, a lot. When you are to name your supermarket business, you should know that you are giving out a lot of information to your customers – both old and new ones  and telling them what is your business all about. So, how do you come up with a name that is neither too long nor too difficult?

    Below we have shared some pointers that will help you choose the right name for your supermarket:

    1. Be funny

    When trying to name a business with something snappy or funny, the message you send across may go against what you are trying to accomplish. You may get away by naming your grocery shopping business something like ‘Leo’s Shopping Bag’ provided it makes some sense to your customers. But, if you find yourself explaining what your business name stands for rather than actually doing business, then probably that name isn’t right for your supermarket.

    2. Get local

    If you are looking forward to encouraging local customers, one way you can achieve this is by naming your supermarket venture with the name of your city/town. We know, you are thinking that your customers already have an idea that you are serving Birmingham, but if you are looking forward to getting new customers, it will help you get more business.

    3. Take the easy approach

    When you are naming your supermarket business, in addition to what you sell and where you sell it, one more thing you should know is that you have to keep it easy to remember. If your supermarket’s name is simple and easy to pronounce, customers will have no problem remembering it. Always choose the a name that’s short. Also, don’t try to publicise the name using acronyms, as people will forget what the letters stand for.

    4. Get techy

    As the people are connecting over the internet increasingly, having online presence for your supermarket will help expand your horizons and gain more customers. By creating a website and using online location services like Google Places, people will get information about your supermarket and will be able to locate it easily. Ensure that you are posting updates on your website about the latest sales, discount offers and regular customer benefits that will attract customers. Also, keep in mind that the name of your website is the same as your supermarket’s so as to avoid any type of confusion.

    5. Legal stuff

    There is one more thing you should keep in mind before you name your supermarket business. To be on the safer side, always go through your local and regional sources and ensure that the name you are giving your business is not being used by anyone or you will have to deal with legal issues. By checking these details you can enter the business without worrying about someone knocking on your door with some copyright infringement or a legal case that hampers your business. Once you are through with your research, you can promote your business as you wish.

    6. Brainstorm

    Creativity is neither born in a vacuum nor in a tornado of opinions. So, sit with a group of people and brainstorm on some good names for your supermarket. If you are falling short of good names for your brand, bringing in different perspectives will help you come up with a good one. So, go ahead and seek professional help from copywriters and marketers as they are well versed with the market.

    Using an appropriate business name will get many things done. It will show integrity and help build trust and these two traits will make your business climb the ladder of success as more and more people become aware of of your business. So, take your time and come up with a good name for your supermarket and have a grand launch.

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