Here Are the Best Cable TV Providers: Prices and Packages

With the internet revolutionizing our lives, it has never been as vital as in these unprecedented times to choose the best and most accessible cable TV provider.

In today’s time, there are several ways you can choose to watch live television, but the most reliable of them all is cable TV. Having to wait for a particular stream to buffer is both time consuming and frustrating, especially if you end up missing the touchdown your favorite football team just scored!

It’s not surprising that some of you may think that doing a comparison between the different cable TV providers is similar to comparing Pepsi to Coca-Cola. However, with so many options available out there, you’re bound to find difficulty in knowing just which cable TV provider fits your needs the best.

Hence, we’ve decided to make the hunt for the best cable TV provider easier for you by comparing some of the best ones available out there for your indulgence.

Let’s begin!


DIRECTV’s CHOICE + SPORTS PACK is known to be one of the best cable TV packages for sports fans. You’ll have to pay $69.99 each month for the next one year to get their base package which consists of 185+ channels. One year of HBO Max is included. If you want more options, you can consider adding in the Sports Pack, which consists of 40 additional sports channels at the price of $5.00/mo. and a Regional Sports Fee of up to $9.99/mo.

In other words, by subscribing to DIRECTV’s CHOICE + Sports Pack, you’ll be paying $84.98 each month; around $0.37 for each channel. DIRECTV has excellent customer service, and with this specific plan you’ll get a powerful genie DVR and new customers will have the current season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET for free! You’ll however be required to sign a 2-year contract and further mount a satellite dish.

You can call 1-855-925-2541 or head to DIRECTV’s website to know more about his plan and some of the other plans offered by them.

WOW! Cable

WOW! Cable offers 3 types of cable TV plans. You have the option to add on premium networks such as Playboy TV (perhaps something that you and your partner may enjoy), STARZ and STARZ Encore, and CINEMAX. Each one of them has different networks that appeal to different sets of individuals.

With WOW! TV and Internet Package, you’ll be able to boast of more than 160+ channels such as SHOWTIME, HBO, Nat Geo Wild, NFL RedZone, and more. In fact, you see the wide range of WOW’s channel lineup on their website to know what channels you can watch.

The best thing about WOW! cable is that you’ll not be bound in any contract, you’ll have ON Demand access for any device and other benefits for $124.99 per month. Moreover, WOW! also offer two options of DVR; High Definition DVR and a standard DVR which has the normal functions as well as infrequent recordings.

You can call them at 1-855-349-9313 to know more about their plans or simply visit their website.


The Hulu + Live TV Cable plan offers more than 65 channels, with either an ad or no-add tiers. You can enjoy the ad-supported live streaming services version of the Hulu + Live TV plan for $54.99 per month, or you can opt for the ad-free live streaming + Hulu TV for $60.99 per month.

We’re aware of the fact that many cable TV providers are offering live TV, but we do feel that Hulu + Live TV is by far the best choice, especially when it comes to their monthly subscription fees.

You’ll be able to enjoy hyped-up cable networks, and further, be able to access Hulu’s library that consists of both original and on-demand shows. You can stream their Live TV from anywhere, no matter what the time is. However, be mindful that you need a stable internet connection and you may not have the access to certain local channels.

You can head on to Hulu’s website to learn more about their Cable TV plan.


DISH Cable TV provider offers one of the best family packages. With DISH, you’ll have access to Disney Channels in their America’s Top 150+ plans, but their America’s Top 200 plan is where you’re able to access your family’s favorite channels.

If you’re all about nature and wild, and if you have children who clearly love Disney XD, or even Nick Jr., America’s Top 200 is the plan you should be looking at as it’ll fit your needs perfectly and a surprisingly reasonable rate of $84.99 per month.

You’ll be able to subscribe 240+ channels, within its 2-year agreement with an eAutopay availability. Moreover, with the Hopper 3 DVR, you can now adjust your child’s viewing options according to their age with categories such as violence and scariness, language, drinking, drugs and smoking, and many more categories.

You can head on to DISH’s website to learn more about their Cable TV plan.

What is the Best Cable TV Provider Then?

We understand that finding the right and best cable TV provider is something that the entire family has to agree upon, and hopefully with satisfaction. We researched a lot of cable TV providers, and we feel the above mentioned four are seriously the best and most reliable options out there.

These cable TV providers aren’t just widely available but come alongside features that will appeal to all age groups. So, which cable TV provider do you feel is the best amongst the rest?

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