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Hands-Free MomMed S21 Wearable Breast Pump Review: Enhanced Comfort and Efficiency for Breastfeeding Moms



The MomMed S21 Wearable Breast Pump is an upgraded version that offers an array of advantages for breastfeeding moms. With its improved features and functionality, this breast pump provides a comfortable and efficient milk expression experience. In this review, we will delve into the benefits and user experience of the MomMed S21 after two months of usage.

Optimized Milk Production:

The MomMed S21 Wearable Breast Pump comes with two upgraded pumps, each offering three modes and twelve levels of suction intensity. These features enable the pump to imitate the natural sucking motion of a baby more effectively. Moms can combine different modes and levels to find the most efficient and comfortable setting for milk production. With mode options including Stimulation, Expression, and Auto Mode, moms have the flexibility to customize their pumping experience according to their needs.

Improved Anti-Leak Design:

A notable enhancement in the newer version of the MomMed double-electric pump is the adoption of a closed system and all-in-one design. This upgrade ensures increased safety and ease of cleaning. The closed system acts as a barrier, preventing milk leakage and reflow, making it the most hygienic type of breast pump available. Additionally, proper measurement and choosing the right flange size contribute to a smoother flow of breast milk.

Invisible and Lightweight Design:

The MomMed S21 features an ergonomically designed semi-circular body that seamlessly fits the breast, rendering it completely invisible when worn with bras. This budget-friendly portable pump weighs less than a pound and allows for wireless operation. With its lightweight and discreet design, moms can pump while engaging in various activities such as feeding their baby, driving, working, visiting friends, or dining out. The MomMed S21 empowers moms to accomplish their tasks without interruptions caused by pumping.

Convenience and Low Noise:

Equipped with an LCD screen and physical buttons, the MomMed S21 offers a user-friendly interface that ensures prolonged durability and minimizes the risk of damage. The enhanced user experience includes clear visibility, effortless operation, and accidental touch prevention. Furthermore, the wireless breast pump operates at a noise level below 45 dB, guaranteeing that sleeping babies remain undisturbed and moms can pump discreetly in office settings or while on the go.

Extensive Accessories:

Understanding the needs of pumping moms, MomMed provides a comprehensive set of replacement parts to enhance convenience. Whether moms require frequent pumping or have multiple pumps for different locations, MomMed offers compatible replacement parts to ensure a seamless pumping experience. This convenience allows moms to focus on their breastfeeding journey without worrying about compatibility issues.


The MomMed S21 breast pump includes a 27mm silicone breast shield and a 24mm flange insert. These accessories are included in the package to cater to the individual needs of moms.


The MomMed S21 Wearable Breast Pump stands out as an exceptional choice for breastfeeding moms seeking enhanced comfort and efficiency. With its versatile modes, adjustable suction levels, and upgraded design, this breast pump optimizes milk production while maintaining a hygienic pumping experience. The lightweight and discreet design enable moms to pump effortlessly while managing their daily activities. The MomMed S21 is a reliable companion for moms looking for convenience, low noise, and extensive accessories.

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