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Food Items to Include In an Office Party All Will Rave About


An office may have to conduct meetings, conferences, and even achievement parties from time to time for better business and employee engagement. However, as an employer, you must make sure that you include and provide healthy foods only so that your effort to instill healthy eating habits in your employees is not spoilt in a day.

However, this does not mean that you will provide unattractive and tasteless foods to the employees. If you do so then it is for sure that the footfall in the next party you organize will not be as expected by you. Ideally, office parties are meant to be a whole lot of eating.

However, you will have to make sure that the employees stay away from the cheese ball and the buffalo chicken dip and also say know to the double-butter cookies. At the same time, you will have to ensure that the office employees are happy and impressed with you and your organizing ability.

Therefore, to retain the flavor of the food and party season you must include specific types of food and have the right mix of the following:

  • Delightful yet healthy drinks
  • Fruit snacks
  • Grab and go goodness
  • Veggie extravaganza
  • Easy appetizers
  • Foods cooked minimally and also
  • Sweet tooth indulgences.

All these special categories will lift the enthusiasm of the party and not weigh you down.

Delightful drinks

Since a party is boring and bland without drinks and fun snacks you must start by focusing on the drinks to provide in the office party. You can choose one or several of these delicious beverages for a refreshing start to your office party treat.

  • Detox water for office parties is good to bring balance to your celebration and even offset the effects of heavier indulgences. Just chill, drop some fruit, fresh herbs and serve.
  • Sangria with or without alcohol is a pretty fruity festive drink that will not affect the health negatively.
  • Tea out of a carafe with a wide assortment of tea bags, few cinnamon sticks some orange slices is also a good office party treat that will warm the hearts.
  • Lavender lemonade with a crisp flavor of lemon and floral aroma of lavender is a perfect beverage to washdown the party snacks.
  • Bubbly fruit pour-overs made from any fruit and carbonated beverage offered in individualand preferably transparentcups with apples, cider and sliced strawberries and fizzy limeade is also good party drink.

A green smoothie is also a good choice.

Fruit snacks

You can have different options here such as:

  • A fruit basket: It can be whipped up at a moment’s notice, looks incredible, delicious, and healthyand suit all preferences.
  • Fruit salad: This is best to provide if you have the time. Cut different kinds of fruits into even pieces, toss these into a bowl, and add some lemon juice and it is ready.
  • Banana splits: Served on a stick this is another healthy option. Add a chunk of pineapple and strawberry and dip it in chocolate to make this unique office party snack.
  • Fruit kabobs: Made from any type of fruits, these are creative additions to a party served on a stick.
  • Baked fruit: Pop some fruit in the oven and you will add that extra elegance to the already delicious snack.
  • Yogurt dressed melons: This will please any crowd because it is both sweet and salty.

Fruit is nature’s most beneficial, beautiful, and all-natural creation. Colorful and delicious, these are extremely healthy these are the most effective choice as an office party snack.

Veggie extravaganza

With diverse flavors and bright colors and immense nutrient density, you cannot miss vegetables in your office party. This will pack the vitamin punch in your employers.

  • Veggie flowers: Give cute appeal to the veggies with flowershapes.
  • Endive boats: This is a crispier yet healthier alternative to add in your party snack. You can fill the endives with anything you like from hummus, citrus and olives. The recipe may include apples, cranberries, goat cheese, and smoked almonds.
  • Pineapple and cucumber stacks: By adding a healthy combination of cilantro and lime juice you can transform cucumber and pineapple into a craving item in your office party.
  • Marinated tomatoes: A few sliced tomatoessprinkledwith salt and pepper, the drizzle of olive oil, voila and some balsamic vinegar will be a super healthy and super easy office party snack.
  • Cucumber slices and hummus: You cannot get a healthier office party snack than this.
  • Steamed edamame: You can steam this right in the microwave and serve this healthy office party snack.
  • Salad on a stick: Of you want to skip traditional veggies and dips, chop up the veggies, slide into a skewer and provide these on a stick.
  • Bowl of salad: You may also go the traditional ay and bring in a big bowl of salad as well.

If you want your office party to be fancy, tangy and have a tasty crunch, arrange some of the fanciest pickles you can find on a plate.

Grabandgo goodness

If you do not have enough time to make arrangements for an elaborate office party snack, you can still avoid showing up to your jamboree empty handed. You can grab any of these go-to office party snacks that are healthy, delicious, and quick.

  • Wonderful pistachios: Packed with nutrients, the signature shells give the feeling of opening a present.
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough bars: This will give a sweet taste but keep the employees healthy. It will be loved by all.
  • Cauliflower puffs: This plantbased snack has a delightfulcrunch that will satisfy all vegan and non-GMO food eaters. These do not have any Trans-fats and will surely take over the cheese puffs.
  • BBQ chips: This is another item that will be loved by the participants and will be an instant hit.
  • Pirate’s booty: This is a light baked snack that contains no added colors, flavors and preservatives.

Make sure that you keep a few easy appetizers. These will be the most crowd-pleasing snack such as tea sandwich, layered dips of incredible flavors, healthy chips and yogurt-based dips, and trail mix.

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