Different types of lift tables you can get from Sax Lift

Sax Lift is the leading manufacturer and retailer of lift tables. They produce numerous types of lift tables to serve as many factory needs as possible.

Here are the various types of lift tables you can get from Sax Lift.

Single scissor lift tables

Single scissor lift tables are some of the most common lift tables used in the manufacturing industry. As the name implies, single scissor lift tables are operated via a single scissor. Lift tables are hydraulically operated. The single scissor lift table is sturdy enough to handle load weight capacities of between 500 kg and 5000kg.

They are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes and a factory can quickly choose one that suits their lifting and work needs. They are suitable for lifting loads and even for use as a working table.

Double scissor lift tables

Another common type of lift table is double scissors. Unlike the single scissor, this lift table has two pairs of hydraulic scissors that help lift the table.

Double scissor tables have several advantages over the single scissor tables. They are stronger and can thus lift heavier loads. They are also easier to operate as the extra pair of scissors improves the speed and ease of lifting.

Low profile lift tables

These are lift tables that are highly suitable for pallet handling and loading. With their low profile, pallets can be quickly loaded onto the lift tables and easily lifted and loaded onto a waiting truck.

Low profile lift tables are available as double scissor lift tables. This helps make them sturdier and stronger. They are available to suit a range of companies depending on their lifting needs.

You can quickly view an image of these lift tables on www.saxlift.com.

Vertical scissor lift tables

Vertical lift tables are also common lift tables in the factory. They have several uses beyond lifting products. They can also be used as working tables or for pallet stacking.

At Sax Lift, vertical scissor lift tables are also available in different categories to suit a range of customers. Companies that acquire this type of lift table can use it for different applications and gain lots of cost savings and other work efficiencies.

Galvanized lift tables

Does your factory do a lot of work outdoors? Do you need a scissor lift table? If your answer is yes, then a galvanized scissor lift table is what you need. Sax Lift is a specialty producer of high-quality galvanized lift tables.

Galvanized lift tables will not rust and will make all your outdoor production activities easier and quicker.

You can also have your current lift table galvanized if it is not already.

Manual mobile lift tables

This is a mobile lift table that is suitable for moving items around the factory. Mobile lift tables from Sax Lift are ergonomically designed to ensure that they reduce fatigue and frequent bending for those who work with them.

They can be used in factories and other industries such as hospitality and in airlines to move products quickly and easily. They are reliable and easy to use.

Electrical mobile lift tables

Another lift table that Sax Lift is popular for is the electrical mobile lift table. Being electric it is much easier to use than the manual version.

It consists of a rechargeable battery and easy to use recharging cables. It is operated by push buttons which help control the lift height. Besides, they can lift and carry much heavier loads than the manual lift table. They are suitable for moving goods across the factory or working areas and also as working areas.


At Sax Lift you can easily get any type of lift table that you require. Sax Lift manufactures high-quality lift tables that are easy to use and operate. For all your lift table needs, visit saxlift.com and have a chat with them and all your needs will be well catered for.

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