Cyber Security Risks for Businesses: 5 Threats You Can’t Ignore


    Small businesses often assume that things like cyber threats are only relevant for major corporate players. Yet, there were almost 1800 reported data breaches in the first half of 2021. In point of fact, small businesses often become targets for cyber attacks because criminals know that small businesses can’t defend themselves as thoroughly.

    The reality is that cyber security risks for businesses apply to all businesses, large and small. If you own a business, you must remain aware of the kinds of cyber security threats you may face.

    Don’t feel up to speed on computer security or cyber threats? Keep reading for five threats you can ignore.

    1. Poor Training

    You cannot expect every employee to understand all the cyber security threats out there. Yet, many businesses don’t even provide basic cyber security training.

    For example, do you train your employees to change their passwords regularly? Do you provide something that will autogenerate strong passwords for them?

    Do you train them on how to spot fraudulent emails? Without training, your own employees can become an unintentional cyber security threat.

    2. Social Engineering

    Social engineering is one of the most potent exterior cyber security threats you face. There are several common social engineering ploys that you may see, such as:

    • Phishing
    • Baiting
    • Quid pro quo
    • Tailgating

    You need a solid email filtering system in place to help divert email attempts out of inboxes. Employees need training for them to spot the others.

    3. Malware and Ransomware

    Malware and ransomware can leave your business in a lurch. Malware typically damages the software on your IT hardware. That can leave the hardware inoperable or with poor performance.

    Ransomware holds your system hostage until you literally pay a ransom to get back your access. You need robust network security in place and good employee training to combat this threat.

    4. Insider Threats

    You must also consider the possibility of insider threats. Disgruntled employees are a routine source of lost data, trade secrets, and customer information. You need good physical and digital access controls in place to ensure that insiders cannot easily access data or hardware.

    5. Not Enough Cybersecurity Industry Pros

    An ongoing problem for all businesses is a shortfall in the number of experienced cybersecurity professionals. The demand dramatically outstrips the available bodies for the jobs. That can prove especially tough on small business cyber security due to their limited budgets.

    The good news is that managed IT services usually keep cybersecurity professionals on the payroll. Some will even offer custom IT services if only need one or two things.

    Limiting Cyber Security Risks for Businesses

    Limiting cyber security risks for businesses isn’t a one-step process. You need training in place for new employees, as well as refresher training for long-term employees.

    You also need good physical and digital access control to help prevent insiders from simply walking off with critical data. If possible, you should get a cyber security audit. Managed IT service providers will sometimes offer this service.

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