Current Range of Kubota Excavators

Current Range of Kubota Excavators

The Japanese manufacturer Kubota is one of the top leading manufacturers of construction machinery. They offer a broad selection of machineries that includes wheel loaders, track loaders, and mini excavators that are suitable for a wide range of applications

Well-known for their mini excavators due to their advanced features and amenities, Kubota continuously deliver hi-tech innovations for their new models based on customer feedback. Kubota is also known for their focus on safety and operator comfort.

Kubota machineries also passes European safety standards, which are considered to be the most comprehensive and rigorous standards in the world, and along with their innovative mindset, Kubota is one of the top dynamic, forward-thinking manufacturer.

Kubota Excavators

Kubota excavators are renowned worldwide for their advanced features and amenities that includes compact design, durability, and functionality. Ranging from conventional and zero swing tail models, Kubota offers a wide range of excavators starting from 0.8 tonne up to 8.2 tonnes.

Kubota’s excavators have the power and versatility to take on any kind of tasks even in the toughest of environment. Designed with the operator in mind, each machine has a large cabin with sufficient insulation and enhanced visibility.Here’s a look:


The KX016-4 model is a conventional swing excavator designed for easy transport and mobility. It features a variable undercarriage wherein the tracks can be expanded up to 1,300mm for increased stability or retracted to 990mm to fit through tight spaces. At only 1.5 tonne powered by a 13HP engine, the KX016-4 model is popular excavator hire and rental companies.


The KX040-4 model is designed with operational efficiency in mind. It features an auto idle system that automatically reduces RPM when stationary that incur fuel savings up to 20%. This capability ultimately results to less noise and emissions during operation. Along with its superior strength, the added benefit of an additional angle blade makes the KX040-4 model the benchmark for medium-sized excavators to follow.


The KX080-3S model boasts a sophisticated hydraulic system that guarantees a smooth material handling even in rough environments. Another benefit from its new hydraulic system is it can be outfitted with multiple attachments at once without losing speed and mobility. Despite its weight at 8.3 tonnes, the KX080-3S model still offer exceptional fuel efficiency at reduced noise and emissions.


The U17-3 model is perfectly suited for tackling jobs in awkward spaces. This model offers high maneuvrability capabilities that include 360 degree turns and zero tail swings. This compact, yet powerful excavator allows it to perform digging tasks quickly. It’s powered by a 17HP engine that provides optimum performance.


The U35-4 model is one of the top rated medium-sized excavators in the market. It features a powerful 25HP engine that offers a high breakage force making it a very versatile and powerful machine that can tackle a wide variety of jobs. More importantly, its high-tech auto idle system automatically reduces noise and fuel consumption, even at peak operation. This model is the most popular excavator hire choice for medium sized construction projects.


The U55-4 model is all about combining superior power with maneuvrability. Powered by 47.6HP Kubota engine and along with its newly outfitted angle blade, it can take on any types of tasks that includes plowing soil and backfilling with ease. The float position also corrects and adjusts the dozer level during backfilling works that offers a clean level of soil.

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