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Create Your Own Pizza or Order a Classic Style at Papa Johns


Papa Johns is known for its pizza, and for good reason. It always uses the highest quality ingredients, and the end result is delicious. Its menu also offers a variety of pizzas, so you never get bored. You can always create your own, and considering the number of toppings, the pizza creations are almost endless. However, if you do not feel like making a choice, the chefs have come up with a wide selection of combinations Cici’s pizza prices.

Papa Picks

If you like simplicity, the Papa Picks menu is worth checking out. It contains the basics, such as cheese, pepperoni, and sausage, although you can mix it up by changing the crust or sauce. These pizzas are also popular for the mix & match food deals, as one of the options is a medium one-topping pizza. Pair a pepperoni pizza with chicken wings, poppers, a Papadia, breadsticks, or dessert, and only pay $6.99 each.

Handcrafted Menu

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, try the handcrafted specialties on Papa Johns menu. The works contains all your favorite toppings, including pizza sauce, cheese, canadian bacon, pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers, onions, black olives, and mushrooms. If you want something different, try the fiery buffalo chicken, which has buffalo sauce, cheese, chicken, smokey bacon, and onions.

For a vegetarian option, choose from the spinach and tomato alfredo, garden fresh, extra cheesy alfredo, and Tuscan 6-cheese. Other specialties you will find include:

  • Philly cheesesteak
  • Pepperoni, sausage, and six cheese
  • BBQ chicken bacon
  • Ultimate pepperoni
  • Super Hawaiian
  • Meatball pepperoni
  • Zesty Italian trio
  • The meats

When placing your pizza order, do not forget to complete your meal with sides. Buffalo or BBQ wings are perfect additions, as are garlic knots, cheesesticks, or original breadsticks. If you want something sweet after the meal, try the double chocolate chip brownie, chocolate chip cookie, cinnamon pull aparts, or Oreo Cookie Papa Bites.

Create Your Own

Whether it is part of the delivery meal deals, or you do not like any of the pizza options on the menu, you can always create your own. Start with the crust. Do you like the original, or would you prefer a thin crust or NY style? If you love cheese, try one of the stuffed crusts, either with or without pepperoni. There is also a gluten free option.

Next, move on to your choice of sauce. Your options include:

  • Original pizza
  • Ranch
  • BBQ
  • Alfredo
  • Buffalo
  • None

You can also choose how you want your pizza cut and how well done you want it baked. Lastly, choose your toppings. Combine meat and veggie toppings, or stick with one or the other. You can even do a half-and-half creation. There is also a vegan pizza option when you order it without cheese and only with vegetables.

If you love pizza but not the crust, try a Papa Bowl. This crustless option comes in garden veggie, chicken alfredo, Italian meats trio, or create your own.

Whatever type of pizza you like, you can find it at Papa Johns. It is also easy to find discounts and specials.

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