The Future Of Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

When you are connected to the internet and saving, updating or retrieving some files that are not stored locally on your computer system then cloud computing is in action. The basic idea of cloud computing is having a remote server or storage anywhere on earth and accessing it via internet. Cloud computing has become the norm these days and most of the time we are utilizing cloud computing without even knowing it, the state of cloud computing has become this much synchronized with our daily life. 

Whenever you are using any social media application that can be accessed on your phone as a separate app and from your computer internet browser as well, and you get to view all the same data with latest updates on both devices even though both of these devices are not directly connected in anyway then cloud computing is in play. The social media application has mastered cloud computing in such a way that it almost looks synchronous communication of application between various platforms. Not just in social media applications but across most of the online web cloud computing is happening in the background. For instance, while making a website you purchase domain and hosting separately. This is because a domain is just a namespace whereas hosting is the actual processing and storage you physically need to get that website running. For a long time cloud computing was mostly reserved for hosting web applications, but with recent advancements in technology many electronics are utilizing cloud computing as well.

Take Amazon’s Alexa or Google home for instance, both of these devices are a prime example of cloud computing at work with AI assistance. You can have more than one Alexa or Google home in your home or office and both of them will have the same data and routine that you might have provided to one. This is because whenever you are saving data on these devices the data goes to the main hub which is the server with some storage for you specifically and upon retrieval both these device retrieve your information from the very same source. Cloud computing is becoming more and more interactive these days and is providing a lot of benefits.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Like mentioned above artificially intelligent home assistants is only one example of the benefits of having cloud computing, there are numerous more. Cloud computing can in reality fit in any industry and have a great many advantages. For example, in medicine, cloud computing can easily make one patient data available to any hospital where they might go. In agriculture, cloud computing can give weather forecast and resources sharing access to farmers of certain locations. In military,  cloud computing actually plays a very vital role as many of the countries resources are actually digital like the economy, banks and stock markets so it is important for any country to have good AI defense infrastructure with cloud computing which learns the traits of malicious attacks.

In everyday life of a common person, cloud computing helps them to increase storage capacity on their phones and laptops by providing them an option to store data online and remove from their device. This data can be retrieved at any time from any platform. Users of most applications/softwares actually prefer that specific application or software over any other because of such storage capabilities with cloud. Having a good cloud computing structure gives large companies a competitive advantage over others. Many large organizations have released their own cloud platforms for this very reason like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, and these companies have made learning these platforms easy too. Any individual can easily complete an AWS certification or Azure certification in a very short time span. All these large organizations are fighting as of now for the greatest number of users for their cloud services and for this they are providing various kinds of discounts on their cloud computing services and certifications as well.

What the Future Of Cloud Computing Looks Like?

The future of cloud computing is very bright, as all the major tech companies are fighting to win the cloud platform race, they are all improving over time. Having competitors in this field actually pushes one company to provide their very best. 

Cloud computing has already grown with a rapid speed and continues to grow as well. The scope of cloud computing keeps getting broader everyday. As cloud computing is not only limited to retrieve and store information or host websites but also complex algorithms are running on remote servers which actually makes suggestions and in some cases take actions too according to historic data at hand. This amplifies the role of artificial intelligence along with cloud computing. 

Imagine a world in which we can have predictions for the coming month on every aspect not just the weather and traffic conditions, but also your mood according to the traffic conditions and your health according to the weather, and then there are some doctors appointments already made according to your health condition at that time, and this all happens without you even thinking much at all because of AI working hand in hand with cloud computing. 

Even if take away the AI part, cloud computing is very strong on its own as well. Salaries of hundreds of employees can be made from the headquarters of a company in some other continent and it can also be sent out to each employee within a day due to cloud computing.

The only negative factor in cloud computing right now is the cost factor. Because cloud computing utilizes performance power of different machines or servers at remote location, these servers do exist in physical form and it costs electricity and other resources to run them. This all leads to an increase in the price of processing power that a cloud platform offers. Luckily the price of cloud computing is getting cheaper everyday because of newly emerging cloud platforms but only the ones which provide good performance and speed in lower price will remain on top.

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