Boost Device Testing at Repair Business

Boost Device Testing at Repair Business

If you work at a device repair business, you know how important the testing is. Missing any defect and selling poorly functioning devices will harm your reputation and lead to a decrease in turnover overall. Today, let’s discuss how to perform testing that provides consistent and accurate results.

Avoid Manual Testing

The main reason for missed defects is the subjectivity of testing. Workers can easily forget to check some parts or test them incorrectly. Human errors cannot be avoided unless you use repair phone software explicitly designed to automate the process. After implementing the software into your workflow, the testing will be objective, accurate, and quick. 

Provide Certificates

To prove the quality of the repaired device, you should provide your customer with a testing certificate. That can be done with cell phone testing software that provides independent smartphone verification. Testing results approved by a certified authority will increase customer trust and allow you to raise prices for your products. 

Wipe Data Quickly

The data erasure process should be quick and secure. Find software that allows you to wipe multiple devices at once. A simultaneous data wipe will drastically reduce the time you spend processing one device. 

Also, pay close attention to what certifications the solution has. It should comply with up-to-date legal requirements and norms such as ADISA, NIST 800-88, and IEEE 2883.

Optimize your Workflow

Overall, the best option to boost your repair business is choosing the right device testing software. It will help make the process predictable and transparent, increasing overall turnover. Try NSYS Diagnostics, the solution that can perform more than 60 tests to detect over 100 hardware defects. Moreover, with this software, you can:

  • Test up to 57 devices an hour;
  • Choose from 50+ options on how to automate your workflow;
  • Get 100% device authenticity verification;
  • Reduce human errors because more than 70% of tests are automated;

Use NSYS Diagnostics to boost your workflow!