Bad Online Reviews: Know How It Impacts Your Brand Image

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The online review has created a great buzz in the market these days, most of the customer’s decisions depend on the reviews which brand have gained from other customers. In one of the reports, it was mentioned that nearly 70% of consumers making a purchase after exploring the review about the particular brand. 

Reviews have great impact on customers’ decisions and especially the bad reviews, it enables then to decide which product or services they must buy, where they must travel, where they must enjoy their meals, and more. With the help of the review, they can also know that whether the brand they are going to choose is capable enough to satisfy the need of them or not. review overall has become the internal part of all sizes of businesses these days who are operating their business online. 

Know-How Bad Online Reviews Affect Your Brand: Positive and Negative Impact of It

If you want to narrate your business story in the business market then satisfied customers are one of the best options, you can offer them your best service to satisfy them and they will share word-of-mouth for your brand. In this way you can surely attract the customers who come in contact with your satisfied customers but what about others? 88% of people prefer to go through reviews to know the quality of the brand and know whether they are opting for the right one.  

If you want more customers should trust your brand then it becomes mandatory for you to consider sharing a real-time review of customers on your business website, social media accounts, blog, etc. More than 72% of customers responded that they believe those brands that have more positive reviews from their existing customers. By sharing the real-time review of your customers you can also convey that you deliver the same things in the real world that you promise to offer. Here are some of the points that will help you understand positive as well as the negative impact of bad reviews. 

Drive Away Customers

There is no doubt that bad reviews drive away customers. In one of the revealed data, it was noted that even a single bad review can drive around 22% of customers and if the brand gets continually three bad reviews then they can lose around 59% of their ideal customers. Hence if a brand wants to earn more customers and does not want to lose the existing one than they must always try to gain positive reviews by offering them the services as per their preference. 

Most of the customers these days prefer to use app solutions to get any of the services or products that the brand sells. Hence if you want to satisfy them and want to gain more positive reviews then you must create an app like uber for your business. Once you get the app solution developed for your business you can definitely provide the best services to the customers wherever they demand and can earn more positive reviews to attract more customers. 

 Bad Reviews Highlight Your Good Reviews

One of the positive impacts of bad reviews is that it highlights your good reviews in a better way. Before making purchasing decision customers will compare all the bad as well as good reviews. Hence if you have one negative review than there is a great chance that customers will believe the good review as it gets highlighted. 

Customers who are willing to know the pros and cons of your business service or product can compare good and bad reives side by side and can have a better idea of whether your brand is best for them or not. bad reviews can be proven to be beneficial for the customers who are looking for unbiased reviews before making the purchase. 

Helps to Develop Trust

Most of the businesses try to hide bad reviews that have been placed by the consumers, they have to understand that if they hide those bad reviews and only place good reviews than some of the customers may doubt about their brand. They might think that as a business entrepreneur you are trying to hide something from them, this can result in lacking trust between you and your customers. 

Everyone knows that no one is this world is picture-perfect than how can your business or product be, it sure each and every business has some weakness, so there is nothing wrong if there are few bad reviews about your business or product. Bad reviews will help you to win the trust of your customers. Customers will become suspicious about your product or services if you display only good reviews about it, hence it becomes mandatory for you to give importance to bad reviews as well. 

Summing Up

Businesses need to accept that they cannot control the conversion of the customers every time, they place the feedback and reviews regarding your brand on various sites, websites, social media, and forms. Businesses try to maintain a strong online presence for their business, hence they adopt a reputation management strategy for their business which helps them to develop a unique and strong business identity in this competitive business world. 

Businesses have to understand that they cannot satisfy all the requirements of the customers at a time hence they can get some of the bad reviews from those customers. Some of the bad reviews can be proven as best for your brand, so you need not have to worry about it. But you must always keep solving your customer’s issues as early as possible, in a survey, it was found that businesses can get their 95% of unhappy customers back if they try to solve their issues related to their business.