AWS Networking CertificationExam

AWS Networking CertificationExam

There are two types of questions in AWS exams:
Multiplechoice: one correct answer and three incorrect answers (interference items).
Multiple choices: there are two or more correct answers in five or more options.

Choose one or more answers that best complete the statement or answer the question. Interference or incorrect answers are the answers that candidates with incomplete knowledge or skills may choose. However, they are often plausible answers for the content areas defined by the test objectives. The unanswered questions are scored as incorrect ones. No points for guessing.

There may be non-scoring items in the examination questions, which are put in the examination to collect statistical information. These questions will not be identified on the form and will not affect your score.

The results of AWS certified advanced networking – specialty – special (ANS-C00) examination are “pass” or “fail”. This test is graded according to the minimum standards established by AWS experts under the guidance of certification industry best practices and guidelines.

Your score report contains a classified score sheet that reflects your scores in each section. The purpose of this information is to provide general feedback on test results. This test uses a compensatory scoring model, which means you don’t have to “pass” each part separately, just pass the overall test.

Each part of the exam has a specific weight, so some parts have more questions than others. The table contains general information to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Be careful when interpreting the feedback from each part.

This test guide contains only weights, test areas and objectives. This is not a comprehensive list of the test content. The following table lists the main content areas and their weights.

Proportion in spotoAWS test

Field 1: large scale design and implementation of hybrid IT network architecture

Field 2: design and implementation of AWS network

Field 3: automatic AWS tasks

Field 4: network integration of configuration and application services

Field 5: design and Implementation for safety and compliance

Field 6: manage, optimize and troubleshoot the network


Field 1: large scale design and implementation of hybrid IT network architecture
1.1 implementing connectivity for hybrid IT
1.2 obtain the corresponding hybrid IT architecture connection solution for the given scenario
1.3 describe the process of extending a connection using AWS Direct Connect
1.4 evaluate design alternatives using AWS Direct Connect
1.5 define routing strategy of IT architecture

Field 2: design and implementation of AWS network
2.1 application of AWS network concept
2.2 define the network architecture on AWS according to customer requirements
2.3 recommend an optimized design based on the assessment of existing facilities
2.4 determine network requirements for dedicated workloads
2.5 obtain the corresponding architecture according to customer and application requirements
2.6 evaluate and optimize cost allocation based on given network design and application data flow

Field 3: automatic AWS tasks
3.1 evaluate automated alternatives for network deployment in AWS
3.2 evaluate tool based alternatives for network operation and management in AWS

Field 4: network integration of configuration and application services
4.1 using the function of Route 53
4.2 evaluate DNS solutions in hybrid IT architecture
4.3 determine the corresponding configuration of DHCP in AWS
4.4 determine the corresponding load balancing strategy in AWS ecosystem according to the given scenario
4.5 determine the content distribution strategy that can optimize the performance
4.6 make AWS service requirements consistent with network requirements

Field 5: design and implementation for security and compliance
5.1 evaluate whether the design requirements are consistent with the safety and compliance objectives
5.2 evaluate the monitoring strategies used to support security and compliance objectives
5.3 evaluate AWS security functions for managing network traffic
5.4 using encryption technology to protect network communication

Field 6: manage, optimize and troubleshoot networks
6.1 find out and solve network problems in a given scenario

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