Audi A7- a Beauty Led by technology

    Audi a7
    Audi a7

    The innovative technologies and a number of trims on the four door saloon pushed it way high on the appealing vehicle rankings

    The redesigned and reimagined Audi A7 has been thoughtfully circled by the Audi designer Sebastiano Russo, he redesigned the new Audi a7 like an artist as he is. He says that he always consider the vehicle as a beautiful woman but without any extra makeup on her face. This all-wheel-drive saloon has been treated same as he describes the vehicle and there is elegance with an untouched and undefined quality to what actually he was looking to create and convert the Audi into something. Indeed, Russo and his team have delivered striking crispiness and elegance to the new A7. Audi is looking to carry over the A7 2nd generation into the 2020 and according to the design team, they are not looking more into the design for the next few years. In a presentation in Napa Calif., Audi has highlighted its A7 model features including the trapezoidal grille and a flank creased wheel arches which have been introduced for the first time on an Audi. There is full width LED taillights which look elegant on the back.

    The interior and infotainment system

    Inside, the new Audi A7 has an all new MMI Infotainment system powered by a set of multiple screens that offer the same oldies feedbacks just like the smartphone users. In fact, the new model of the infotainment system has a drag and drop functionality for the apps on the system. This feature meant to lure motorists away from their smartphones to save the lives and keep them away from texting and driving. This is all because of the drag and drops functionality of the system for available apps, the driver can select arrange apps according to their need and will. There’s also a new dash design featuring leather stitched and wooden surfaces in three dimensional design and delicately light outlines and stripes. The prices starting at the 70,000GBP, and there would be more than 10k extra added for the optional features and the A7 is also only 10k higher in price than the standard four door A6 saloon which is in the seventh generation now.

    The seventh generation of the Audi A6 has also been presented on the same display for those who want to make a statement regarding Audi that it is just a machine. Just like viewers criticized the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo or even the Mercedes Benz CLS.

    Technology levels in A7

    Audi has improved the technology to the best extent in the past years and pulled the A7 with some impressive features and a new level of technology. It is something that you can expect from a German automaker. They are very close to delivering their first all-electric car as well. It is determined to make the all-electric car as an Audi flag carrier. Audi has introduced the upgraded lighting technology on the A7 where the Led Matrix technology has been used and it is approved by the European regulatory authorities but for the USA customers, Audi is still waiting for approval from NHTSA stateside. The matrix system comes with 32 lights which allow making the more targeted focus on the objects on the road. These lights are more capable of light and see the objects which you wish to see on the road.

    Technology and features borrowed from the A8

    There are few other high-tech features which are borrowed from the recently introduced Audi A8 flagship model. These models include 18-way adjustable seats with massage features as optional. A full driver assistance package and an adaptive cruise control system. There is also an active lane keep system offered on the new Audi A7 model. During the test drive, Audi A7 demonstrated a poise that increased confidence of the driver and they love to push it hard. For a big luxury model, a massive cargo space has been there and it gives a very good impression of a racy and nimble A4.

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