A Review of the Weebly Website Builder

Weebly is one of the most popular website builders available, and it is absolutely free to use. For those that do not want to go and spend a fortune on buying a domain, spending money on hosting, and then having to pay a website designer to create a fully functional website, Weebly has long been the alternative.

Using the Weebly Domain Name Versus Your Own Domain Name

Although Weebly is free, this means you will need to use a domain name that also contains the Weebly name in it. For example, if you have a company named ABC Royalty, then the domain name for the free version of your Weebly website will likely be www.abcroyalty.weebly.com. This is all very well if you just want to showcase a website, blog, goods, or services but you are not worried about how it looks when people visit your website.

However, many people prefer to have their own full domain name. This means dropping the weebly.com part of the domain name by purchasing www.abcroyalty.com if it is available. You would pay as little as $4 per month for this in most cases, so it’s not really breaking the bank. It also looks more professional if you are a business.

Using the Free SSL Certificate

Another huge cost saving associated with the paid monthly Weebly account is that you are not paying for hosting, which would generally cost the same amount per month, plus you get a free SSL certificate.
This means that your website will be https rather than http. This is a huge cost saving because a lot of web companies can charge fairly high prices for SSL certs. Now you have the domain name https://www.abcroyalty.com

Using the Weebly Website Builder

The website builder on Weebly is arguably much better and far more flexible than alternative website builders such as Wix or Squarespace. The place which you edit pages on Weebly is the editor area. 

On Squarespace’s editor it looks like you have dragged all the boxes into the right place on the editor and then later you view the web page, and everything is all over the place. Conversely, in Weebly when you do this the boxes are configured on the editor and then when you go to the web page it looks the same as the editor. 

In short, the Weebly editor is just far more fluid and easier to use. It causes much less hassle, and you do not have to keep going back forth changing headers and boxes until it looks good on the web page you are editing.

How Do You Get Weebly?

If you already like what you have read, then you are probably already considering getting the Weebly website builder. However, just to be sure make sure you read up more because the information we have given here is very brief. We would recommend this Weebly review so you can get the full picture of exactly what this awesome website builder has to offer.

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