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A Green Alternative For Your Electrical Needs

Life without electricity is almost impossible in 21st century. Factories and offices were considered as the place where most of the electricity was consumed. Still in some factories, workers are given holiday when there is a power off. But we can say that now even the houses consume lots of electricity.

We need electricity for almost everything, from basic appliances like fans to modern appliances like laptop and much more. People are using electric stoves for cooking food and how can we forget the ovens and microwaves which run by electricity. Fossil fuel and coal which are the typical source of generating electricity will be run out one day. Solar energy is the next thing which people will adapt instead of electricity.

There will be solar panels on the roof of the houses in the future. Solar back sheet is the last layer at the base of solar panel made of polymers which protects solar panel from UV radiation, dryness, humidity and vapour penetration. The decision to choose Solar back sheet manufacturer should be made carefully because a poor quality Solar back sheet can cause degradation and replacements and it should be scratch-resistant.

All about electricity in India

According to the World Report 2014, India was the world’s largest country where there are villages without electricity. That was the year when our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a pledge to bring electricity to all the villages which did not have electricity. Audit was done within a year and 18,452 villages were found in India without electricity. Looking at the report now, 1,417 from 18,452 villages have 100% electricity but still approximately 31 million homes have not seen the face of the electricity.

Having electricity in all the villages of India is still a long shot and it can only be possible when all the households have electricity in it.

An alliance named as ‘Power for all’ of 200 public and private organizations are striving hard to provide universal electrification by 2025. Uttar Pradesh is the state where most of the villages do not have electricity. And then in the states like Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Bihar and West Bengal, where there is electrified households, it can be seen that 50% of them does not get electricity supply even for 12 hours a day, quoted from a study by the Council on Energy, Environment and Water.

The reason behind this could be that India depends on coal for more than 60% of the electricity and the production of coal is stagnating. So this is where solar energy comes for rescue. Classic electricity is made from fossil fuel which has the risk of extinction; solar energy is a good replacement because it is renewable. Using solar energy also gives tax benefits to the user. Solar energy is emerging as a future trend of energy. Solar energy can be used through solar panels. The photovoltaic solar panels absorb the sun’s light and generate electricity.

What is Solar back sheet?

Solar back sheet is a last layer in the foot of solar panel. This plays a significant role in solar panel. It protects solar panel from ultra violet rays which are harsh on polymers. It also protects from wind, dust, chemicals and sand. A good quality solar back sheet can be ordered from vishakharenewables.com.

Solar back sheet manufacturers

The manufacturers use solar back sheet for solar module along with solar cell which generates solar energy. Back sheet along with encapsulate glass are an important part of solar module. Back sheet performs functions like internal reflection, DC isolation and moisture resistant.

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