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9 Tips To Increase Your Youtube Views


PAKSEOTEAM Every video creator creates informative and relevant video content in order to reach out to the maximum audience who can relate to the content published by them. But, only creating videos is not enough, especially on video channels like Youtube. It is important to implement YouTube marketing tactics that may help you increase your audience reach to the maximum summit.

One of the most popular ways suggested by any successful digital marketing agency is that a video needs to be both entertaining and informative to grab people’s attention. If they are able to relate to the content, they will follow you back and also refer to the services promoted or offered by you.

If you are looking for proven techniques that allow you to increase the number of views, then you have landed at the right place. We have listed out 9 YouTube marketing ways that can increase the views.

Feature the Latest Videos on Your Page

As per the latest YouTube SEO tactics, you are required to add the latest video to the front page and feature it extensively. Viewers who may accidentally stumble upon your channel should be able to see the latest uploaded video. This kind of activity proves that your company or organization always stays up to date with current updates.

Select a Good Quality Thumbnail

Never allow YouTube to randomly select a thumbnail as it may end up choosing a blurry moment as a thumbnail. Take time to choose an appropriate thumbnail. Most of the successful creators enhance their YouTube SEO tactics by adding the video title to the thumbnail to attract more viewers to the video platform.

Add an Interesting Video Title

One of the best and working YouTube SEO tips is to add an interesting video title that aptly describes what your video contains. Every video title should be able to grasp viewer attention and increase video views.

Add Relevant Tags to the Video

Before publishing the video on the platform, figure out the keywords that the users might be typing in to search for relevant videos. Once you have figured out the keywords, do not forget to add those to your video tags. By using this tactic, you can gather more viewers and followers to your account.

Write a Great Video Description

It is important to add an informative video description so that the users can understand your video content more effectively. Video description is useful for video creators who create multiple contents related to the current video.

Add YouTube Annotations to Channel

Although not everyone is aware of video annotations, using it in your videos can help you tremendously. Ideally, annotations should be added to the end of the video wherein actionable links are provided. This may compel users to click on the links shared in the last 30 seconds of the video.

Upload Video Transcript in Global Languages

Uploading video in the most commonly used global languages like Spanish and English can fetch you plenty of viewers who may stop by your video. Even if they do not understand the audio, the transcripts will help them to follow the video. You can smartly place the relevant keywords to the transcript in order to increase the number of searches and views.

Post Videos in Regular Intervals

Consistency is the best key to success. If you are waiting for a miracle to happen in terms of actionable YouTube SEO tips, then do not forget to post videos regularly. Post fresh content at least once in a week to enhance your viewership and audiences.

Add a Popup on Website

Videos are a great way to let users know more about a company. If you happen to have a working website, do not forget to add a popup of YouTube link, which can directly guide you to the main website. Highlight your video content across the social media website as long as you have posted it.

The ultimate goal of uploading videos on channels like YouTube is to increase the viewership. While there are paid methods of marketing videos, these are not paid yet they just require your constant support and guidance.

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