9 The best alternative to yify

9 The best alternative to yify

Yify was a torrent site and has become popular in a very short time. It is also known as YTS and people used to access many high-quality movies for free. It also has beaten all its competitors and went became a top torrent site. People can find the recently released movies on this website whereas other torrent sites provided the movies after they were in the market for quite some time. Yify used to run with the help of YTS. The movies were of high quality and that is the reason it became very popular among the movie lovers. Due to this piracy, Yify was shut down. There are many alternatives, which people can use for Yify. These are also thewatchseries alternatives.

  1. Torrent

This one of the best alternatives for Yify as it has got many good features that will be liked by the users. The website is updated regularly so when the people will visit this site, they will always find new stuff. The website also has TV shows and latest mp3 music files. No registration is required for downloading the movies and everything is available for free. Users have to search for their favorite movie and after they find it, they just have to click the link and the movie will start downloading automatically.

  1. The Pirate Bay

It is a website where users can find all the pirated movies for download. Users can download Hollywood and Bollywood movies from this website. Besides movies, many web series are also available. This website is considered as the best alternative to Yify.

  1. Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents is also a very popular alternative of Yify and users visit it frequently for downloading movies. There are two ways in which people can download movies and these include direct download and scheduled download. Users also have the option of writing a review of the movie they have watched. Users will be able to see the size of the file that they are going to download. Besides movies, users can also download TV series, web series, music files, and many other digital contents.

  1. CiniSearch

This is a website where people can find TV series and web series in different languages. Mostly people search for American and Indian web series. Besides this, torrents of movies are also available here and people can download movies of their choice. The website mainly focuses on TV shows and web series.

  1. MagTors

This website is an alternative to yify but is not considered as proper torrent providing site. This website consists of the links of torrents of different websites. Millions of users visit this website for accessing different torrents. The main disadvantage of this website is that users are navigated to a different website for each link. Those websites may or may not be secured so users have to be careful while clicking the link.

  1. isoHunt

This website is liked by many users as it provides torrent files. User can find all types of movies, TV shows, music files, web series, installation packages, gaming sites and many other types of content. The website also has an advanced search option that helps in searching the files easily and quickly. This is the reason that millions of users access this website and its popularity is increasing day by day.

  1. Rarbg

This is a website where users can find the torrents of all the movies. It is a very popular website and a good alternative to Yify. The website is uploaded frequently and users can find the torrents of latest movies here. Besides movies, novels, web series, music files, text files, and other digital content are also available here Search option is also available and users can type the title of the movie or the web series easily.

  1. 1337X

There are any torrents available on this website and users can download movies, web series, TV shows, and other types of content. The movies are divided into many genres and are available in different languages.

  1. Kickass Torrent

It is a popular torrent website and an alternative to Yify. It is the oldest website where users can find torrents of movies, TV shows, web series, and many others. The search engine of this website is also very powerful.

Bottom Line

These are the popular torrent websites and are good alternatives for Yify. People can download movies, web series documentaries free of cost. Registration is also not required for any of these sites.

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