7 Tips to Get SEO Clients for your Business

7 Tips to Get SEO Clients for your Business

So you are an SEO agency in India. You know how to optimize pages and get websites rank. The competition is tough. How will you stand out? You need new clients to sustain your business. But how and where will you get those clients? Pitching your SEO services to local businesses doesn’t have to be hard if you follow these tips.

Buyer Personas

You need to create buyer personas that have information about the type of business your clients have, where they socialize, etc. Studying your ideal client is a prerequisite to landing the right clients. By defining buyer personas, you can save a lot of money, time, and energy. Reworking on your buyer personas gives you new insights into your audience.

Specialize and Niche Down

You are an expert in helping local business sites improve their rankings. But you still have tough competition. Niching down, you communicate your individuality. There are so many aspects of SEO: web page optimization, link building, enhancing user experience. You have to pick one and show yourself as an expert in the domain. You can specialize in a particular industry. Niching down helps your customers perceive you as an expert. You might have an SEO Company in Mumbai or offering SEO services in Delhi. Understanding the local audience should come before you niche down.

Make Partnerships

Partnerships help your business not merely survive. They enable you to grow exponentially, even if you are just a beginner. You can tie up with companies in related fields. Symbiosis is essential to business growth, as what one is lacking is supplied by the other. If a marketing consultancy gets many clients, you ask them to refer you in exchange for a small commission. It benefits both your SEO company and the consultancy company. You can also forge a partnership with a flat fee per lead. Getting leads could be difficult. But if you speak to businesses to understand their clients, you can get quality leads that convert.


You have to tap into the power of referrals. Your referrals can come from your customers, people in related fields, and colleagues. When you are just starting, it might be hard to make your business discoverable. If you offer quality services, even if you are a small business, referrals help you close deals. You might have to offer free services initially. Or you might have to charge a small fee. But when they grow out to become big companies, they will see the value and invest in your services. They also will refer you to big clients.

Meet People Where They Are

Your buyer personas tell you enough about what your clients are doing and where they hang out. Your potential client might be on Facebook groups talking about their new product. Perhaps you need to visit local stores. You have to explain the value SEO brings to them. You can offer free services for a while. Once they see how SEO gets them more leads, the trust factor increases, and you get long-term clients. It helps you improve your brand awareness in your neighborhood. You might have an SEO Company in Mumbai. Perhaps you are offering SEO services in Delhi, the capital of the country. You need to know the local Facebook groups and speak to people who live in your city.

Let People Know About You

Your connections know more about your business than anyone else. If you tell them about your availability and the type of services you offer currently, they will refer you to their friends. Updating your LinkedIn profile and your website is essential to let people know your domain. You might also have to speak to local business owners who referred you. You have to enquire about their welfare and their business performance. You can also update them with information about what you are doing currently. Closing down the gaps in letting people find you is critical for the growth of your company.

Teach Them What You Do

Small business owners don’t know much about SEO. It is your opportunity to teach them the basics of SEO. You might be an expert and a thought leader in the industry. But you have to teach them the fundamentals and organize your content according to various learning levels. As you add more building blocks in their minds, they will come to read your advanced articles. They don’t want to miss out on opportunities. Therefore, publishing content for beginners is essential to get loyal clients.

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