7 Tech Upgrades to Make in Your School

Technology plays an important role in any school. By making use of the best and latest technology, you can provide your students with better education and a better overall experience at your school. However, it’s not always easy to know where to upgrade your school first or what options are available to you. Below are some tech upgrades to consider that will improve just about any school or classroom.

Classroom Projectors

The first thing to consider is projectors in your classroom. Projectors make it easier for teachers to display information since they can hook them right up to their computers. This cuts back on the amount of chalkboard or whiteboard writing that they need to do. In addition, teachers will have more options as to the type of information they can display, from movies to charts to interactive tools. If your school can’t afford a projector in every classroom, consider instead purchasing just a few and moving them from room to room as needed.


If your school has large classrooms or lecture halls, it’s important that the students in the back can hear just as well as the students in the front. Rather than having your teachers yell throughout each lecture, install microphones within the classrooms. Look to install microphones that work whether the teacher is behind a podium, walking around the classroom, or if there is more than one speaker. This flexibility will give your teachers more options and let them provide a better classroom experience.

Video Conferencing

It’s more important than ever that students be able to learn from home. Due to the recent health pandemic, millions of students are forced to stay at home and receive their education outside the classroom. With video conferencing technology, your teachers can stay in touch with the students and provide a more personalized learning experience. Once everything returns to normal, you can even continue to use your video conferencing tools by having guest lecturers talk to your students within the classroom, no matter where they may be located.

Stronger Internet Connections

As more learning gets done via technology, and every student relies more on their own personal technology devices, your school will need a stronger internet connection. You should look to upgrade your hardware, such as your routers and repeaters so that there is strong internet connectivity throughout the campus. While some schools discourage the use of personal cell phones during school hours, your students will still need a strong internet connection for some of their classes, and your teachers will benefit from this upgrade as well.

File Sharing

Another simple feature you can implement within your school is file sharing. With file sharing, your students can submit homework and other assignments online, rather than having to print everything out. For example, a teacher could have students submit their essays using Google Docs. The teacher could then review the submission and provide feedback right within the application. This process is faster, more efficient, and can save your school a lot of money on paper and printer ink.

Displays and Signs

If you want to improve the appearance of your school, consider getting some high-tech displays and signs. For instance, many schools choose to install a digital sign at the entrance to their campus, alerting people of the latest news and events.

Another option is to install a digital scoreboard in your gymnasium. Digital scoreboards are a great way to improve your school’s major events and increase student turnout. To learn more about how digital signs and scoreboards can help out your school, visit https://guthmansigns.com/school/.

Solar Panels

Finally, with all these tech upgrades, your school may start using more energy than it once did. To make your school more efficient and cut costs, consider running the school on solar panels. Many schools have plenty of empty space on the roof or throughout the campus where you can install solar panels. Once these are up and running you won’t have to worry as much about heating, cooling, or electrical costs.

Which Tech Upgrades are Right for You?

There are numerous ways you can improve the technology around your school. Some of these you may have done already while others may not make sense for you, for one reason or another. Take some time to think about what your school needs most or which upgrade would provide the most benefit. The above list is a great place to start your search, but in the end, every school has different needs and budgets.

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