7 Strategies To Resurrect Your Sinking Company

Businesses go through many phases until they become a big success. Business financing, which is a crucial component of any industry, requires a great deal of expertise.  It is never an easy task to admit to yourself and others when your business goes south. However, it’s not impossible for a company to bounce back from its downfall.

Finding financing in any economic climate can indeed be challenging, whether for start-up funds, capital to expand or capital to hold on going through the tough times.

Here are some of the most effective techniques that can be used to revive your business:

1.     Factoring

This is a finance method where the firm sells off its receivables at a discount in a bid to obtain cash in advance. This is specifically useful for businesses with poor credit. It is an expensive mode of financing.

For example, if you pay 4% fee to get funds for 30 days in advance, it is almost equivalent to an annual interest of 48%. This illustrates the high cost of borrowing in this scheme.

2.     Take The Service of A Professional Funding Company

There are numerous companies currently working in the economy to help business cope up with slumps. These firms have expertise in managing difficult economic and social challenges with the presence of highly qualified individuals.

For example, business financing by Fast Capital 360 is one such option of arranging the required funding strategies to meet the challenging financial demands of the system. This online firm empowers small businesses with ventures that help them to access capital in a much better and professional way.

3.     Efficient Record Keeping

It is one of the key facets of the business routine. To rejuvenate any business, it is highly imperative to have a good grip on the fundamentals especially with respect to the accounting and financial aspects.

This is where the role of a competent chartered account comes into play, as it helps you in putting up a suitable financial accounting framework. A good framework considerably improves the way you overview all key accounts, expenses, and sources of revenue.

A thorough monitoring will showcase the critical areas of improvement and the possible cost-cutting ventures. Successful businesses carry out daily and weekly cash flows of key accounts.

4.     Obtain a Micro-Loan

For small businesses’, this option of raising money is perhaps the best one. The problem startups face is the lack of credit history, and this is exactly where this option comes into play.

A small business loan can easily range from $500 to $35,000. Micro-loans are so small that commercial banks don’t lend these funds.

5.     Streamline the Workforce (Right Sizing)

Employees are the backbone of any firm. However, there are some employees who, with the passage of time, stop adding value to the organization. You should be vigilant enough to figure out a fatigued employee. This doesn’t necessarily mean to fire your employees, but you can consider them to a better role with different sets of responsibilities.

The blunder you can make here is to create an environment which may lead to many employees leaving your company.

6.     Talk & Motivate Your Employees

The fate of an organization lies in the hands of its employees. Motivated and trained employees increase the performance of a business. The truth should be told to the staff so that they can understand the severity of the situation and dig out the best of themselves.

Once you and your employees are on the same page and aim a particular target, then it becomes considerably more likely for you to win against the crisis.

7.     Social Media Marketing

Marketing is one of the key aspects of the modern day business. Firms rely heavily on their marketing departments for the prosperity of their existence. The role of social media has been massive in the last decade. Successful firms are raising capital with the help of this medium.

The key here is to make an accurate judgmental call regarding the prevailing marketing strategies, and make necessary fine tuning. There is no harm in figuring out if the current marketing plans are accurate and up to the standards.

Innovation is the name of the game. Think of new ways to grab and retain the customers. The role of social media is of paramount importance in the present digitized world of economics.

The Bottom Line

Failure is one of the deadliest fears that every business owner has to deal with. The zeal and passion with which you started the business sobers down, and things start to fall apart. The key to remember is that giving up is not an option. You need to think out of the box and make some hard calls to make the business rise.

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