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7 Simple Tips to Keep Your House Clean

For many people, a clean desk is a sign of a messy drawer. No matter how hard you try to maintain, there’s always an area of your home filled with clutter.

But there are ways to keep your house clean that won’t require stuffing everything into a nearby closet. Check out these 7 tips to keep your house clean and organized.

1. Cluster Your Objects

One of the easiest ways to keep your house clean is to keep items in the room where you use them. This means not having to walk from room to room to get what you need.

You might not like having stacks of games or kids’ toys in the living room, but if this is the room where the items get used the most, it makes sense to find storage space in this room.

It cuts back on the possibility of losing pieces as you haul boxes from place to place. You’ll also find yourself less stressed and anxious about keeping the room tidy.

You know that everything you need when lounging in that room is close at hand.

2. Don’t Leave Empty Handed

Make it a habit to never leave a room empty-handed. This means that if you’ve come into a room with a bowl of popcorn and a coffee mug.

You should leave with at least one of those items. Making a point to always leave a room with an item in your hand is an easy reminder to pick up after yourself as you go.

Over time, you’ll begin to form an ongoing cleanliness instinct.

3. Use, Replace

No one likes to return to the scene of a mess after it happens. It’s one of the few instances where out of sight, out of mind can come back to bite you.

If you want to avoid a pile-up, put away items right after you use them. This means everything from breakfast supplies to board game pieces.

One-offs like bottled water or commercial cleaning products can quickly turn into clutter if you delay putting them away as soon as you use them. Before you know it, there’s mail next to your bottled water, a bag of snacks, someone’s purse, and other nick nacks that seem to appear as the day goes on.

Do yourself a favor and put away each item as soon as you’re done using it in that room.  It’ll mean cleared surfaces at the end of the night when you’re ready to wipe down countertops and furniture.

4. Clean as You Cook

Another use and replace tactic is to clean dishes as you cook dinner. This isn’t always possible especially if you’re using your pans as serving dishes.

But you can clean all your prep materials for dinner to lighten your load once food gets put away at the end of the night. It’s a good idea to serve dinner from your storage containers whenever possible.

This frees up the pots and pans you used to cook so they can be washed right before dinner is served. You’ll feel a weight off your shoulders knowing that after dinner, all you have are a few plates to clean before bed.

5. Take Shoes Off at Door

Want to keep mud spots out of your carpet? The easiest way to avoid clumps of dirt and debris around your home is to ask guests to remove shoes at the door.

Shoe removal is a staple in many cultures. It’s linked to ideas about cleanliness that goes back thousands of years. You’ll find cleaner floors with fewer allergens when you keep shoes at the front door where they belong.

6. One Load at a Time

The biggest problem with laundry is that it can appear to be a never-ending cycle. You spend hours and hours putting new loads in with the intent of emptying out your dirty clothes hamper.

But the clean clothes technically aren’t a triumph until you’ve put them away. Avoid the clean clothes becoming an overwhelming heap by only doing one load at a time.

This means that you wash, dry, and put away your load before starting a new one. It’s a slower, but more focused way of doing laundry that helps you to pace yourself.

It also lessens the chance that you’ll accidentally leave clothes in the washing machine to mildew. The benefit of putting away clothes right out of the dryer is fewer wrinkles and a tidy laundry area.

7. Get Help

Sometimes it’s time to press pause and bring in the pros. Professional home cleaning services are essential in helping to reset your home every now and then.

You can maintain your ceiling fans much easier once a professional has taken the time to do a deep cleaning on your light fixtures. Start your use and replace rule after you’ve had a chance to get your home spic and span with a cleaning service.

Deep cleans typically include things like the baseboards, windows, and ceiling fans. But if you’re on a budget, light cleanings can be just as helpful with dishes, floors and bathrooms left clean and sanitized.

Secrets to Keep Your House Clean

When you keep your house clean and organized, you can spend more of your free time doing the things you love. A clear countertop means a clearer head.

Expect less stress and anxiety as your home becomes more structured. You’ll never completely keep your rooms like a model home, but you can at least learn to have everything sanitized and in its proper place.

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