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7 Security Items You Need to Put on Your First Apartment Checklist


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Moving into your first apartment can be both exciting and daunting. There are a lot of things that you’ll need to think about and it can be helpful to create a first apartment checklist.

Apartment security should be high up on your checklist. Staying safe in your home is of paramount importance, particularly if you are living alone.

But what should you include on your list?

Here are seven security items that you need to put on your first apartment checklist.

1. Door Locks

The first thing that you should look at is the locks on your doors. Check that the landlord had the locks changed before you moved in.

Ensure you know where all of the copies of your keys are kept. If the building keeps hold of the tenant’s apartment keys, find out how these are stored and what measures are in place to protect them.

2. Window Locks

All windows on the ground floor that open should have locks that work along with security gates. In the event of a fire, all of your windows should be easily opened from the inside. Check that all of your locks work and that you know where all of the window keys are.

3. Window Films

Worried about people seeing into your apartment but don’t want to keep your curtains or blinds closed all day? One of the best solutions for this problem is to have security window films fitted.

With a tinted window film fitted, you’ll be able to get plenty of privacy.

4.Smoke Detector

It’s your landlord’s responsibility to provide and install smoke detectors in your apartment. Make sure that you have smoke detectors in every room and that they work. To test your smoke detector, you just need to press a button. If it doesn’t sound, replace the batteries.

5. Carbon Monoxide Detector

In some states, your landlord may also be required to provide a carbon monoxide detector. If one has been provided, check that it works and that it has batteries fitted. A carbon monoxide detector is inexpensive and could save your life.

6. Security Cameras

Security cameras offer protection in two ways. Firstly, their presence acts as a great deterrent for any would-be criminals attempting to break into your apartment. Secondly, if you do have a break-in, you will have evidence that can help the police with their investigations.

7. Intercom

Having an intercom system for your apartment can be helpful in keeping unwanted visitors out. Make sure that your apartment’s intercom system is working. Speak to your landlord if there is not an intercom or if it needs repairing.

Your First Apartment Checklist

Create your first apartment checklist before you move into your new home and make it a priority to check all of these things when you first get your keys.

Many of the things on this checklist could keep you safe in your apartment.

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