5 Tips to help new employees settle in

No matter how small or large your business is, hiring staff can come with difficulties from taking up valuable time to interview and train, to losing money from the lack of active employees.

According to a recent survey by Employment Law Experts, Citation, 55% of people in the UK have quit a job in less than a year. The survey also revealed why people leave new positions in such a short time and the top result was due to bad management.

With this information in mind let’s look at some solutions, so when you take on more staff they feel happy and ready to get to work.

Undertsand Training Needs

There is nothing worse than starting a new job and not having the correct training. This will only lead to confusion and frustration amongst other colleagues, which doesn’t help the new person settle in.

Tip: At interview stage, ask the candidate what their training requirements may be, as it is not always clear on a CV. Alternatively you can ask when you offer the position, as long as you aren’t looking for someone who is already experienced at a similar role.

Team Building Exercises

Firstly, calling team-building days, ‘team building days’ may be off putting for lots of people as this is forced fun and no one likes this! So, try being more casual about it, asking if people want to come for drinks after work, or for lunch – which is easier as it doesn’t eat into personal time.

Tip: Think outside of the box and do something fun that creates natural conversation.

A Clear Job Description

When creating your job description ensure it is realistic of the role you’re recruiting for. If the candidate will spend 90% of their time on the telephone, be clear about that rather than trying to create a varied spec that will leave the individual feeling disappointed.

Tip: Ask those doing the role for their input as they can give a better overview than a manager or HR.

Provide Positive Feedback

Positive feedback on work should be something business enforces for all staff, but it is very important for new starters hoping to pass their probation. Simply thanking employees for completing a task and providing some positive insights will make them instantly feel accepted and supported.

Tip:  Even when providing constructive criticism also include something positive, so they are more willing and motivated to revisit the project.

Simply Start Conversation

As a new member of staff if can be difficult to start a conversation, so it is much simpler to include new employees in casual chat. Of course, you are primarily there to work but relationships should be built on respect and understanding which comes from discussion.

Tip: This is another good reason to invest in some team building.

With this in mind, it’s important to consider your employees feelings and try to ensure a positive workforce is created as this will feed into their work ethic for your business. For more insights into the nation’s feelings about starting new positions, look at the infographic below from Citation:

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