5 Reasons Why You Need CNC Machining Service for Prototyping

5 Reasons Why You Need CNC Machining Service for Prototyping

For most inventors, having a working prototype is a top priority. When you don’t have a prototype, it will be hard to attract investors and apply for a patent. If you want to build a prototype fast, you need to opt for CNC machining services.

The reason to choose CNC machining is that you can leverage many of the advantages it offers in producing engineering models, prototypes, and high-quality end-user parts. Aside from this, here are the five reasons why you should use CNC machining service on your next prototyping project.

#1 Faster Turnaround

Although CNC machining first started in the 1970s, the machines and application involved have rapidly improved through the years. It is now one of the most reliable and fastest ways to manufacture complex specs of rigid plastics and metals. This speed is applied both on the set-up and manufacturing time. From using the modern CAD design software to translating the G-code and transferring them to the mill will only take a few hours. Once the machine is programmed, it can produce the finished part in a matter of minutes.

#2 Requires no Fixed Tooling

Some other manufacturing processes, like injection molding and die casting, need rigid tools from hardened steel alloys. These tools require a lot of time to produce, depending on their complexities. It can be a bottleneck, especially on parts that you need fast. CNC machining, on the other hand, requires only the hard metal inserts used for cutting that can be swapped in seconds.

#3 Accurate

Conventional methods will not be able to produce parts as accurate and precise than the computer-controlled cutting tools. These parts produced by CNC machines have higher tolerances of +/- 0.05mm. This is accurate enough for the majority of commercial applications. Also, this tolerance can be repeated over and over based on the number of parts needed.

#4 Easy to Modify

It is easy to make modifications on the design in CNC machining because you only need to alter a few lines on the G-code program. This is very useful when prototyping because you will have many chances to test different iterations and see the results. With this kind of flexibility, you can have refined adjustments with reduced lead time and at no extra cost.

#5 Works with Different Materials

CNC machines are not selective when it comes to materials as long as they are rigid and cannot be deformed or melted under the cutting conditions. This can be helpful in prototyping when you want to test with different materials. You can make the same design with minimum adjustments on the feed and speed of the cutting tool.

CNC machining service can cater to rapid prototyping easily and have been successful in helping designers and product engineers create many successful projects.

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