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5 Best Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Materials To Consider


When buying kitchen cabinets for your home, the two most important things to consider are how much storage room they have and how they look. Good kitchen cabinets for indoor use should last at least 15 to 20 years before they need to be replaced, repaired, or refaced. It makes durability a much less important factor. But when it comes to outdoor kitchen cabinets, you should put reliability at or near the top of your list of things to look for. The materials you choose for your outdoor kitchen cabinets are important if you want them to last for years. Read on to know more.

4 things to think about when picking materials for outdoor kitchen cabinets

Several materials can be used for outdoor kitchen cabinets. The most common kinds are stainless steel, marine-grade aluminum, concrete, PVC, and wood. When deciding between the different types of outdoor kitchen cabinet materials, the four most important things to think about are:

  1. Durability: Are the cabinets water-resistant and durable enough to tolerate extreme temperature changes? People also need to check whether they can handle lengthy sun exposure, even if they are in a covered outdoor kitchen.
  2. Aesthetics: Do the cabinets look high-end and go well with the other important parts of your outdoor kitchen, like the table, grill, and other appliances?
  3. Construction quality: Are the cabinets built well enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use for a long time? Is the whole frame of the cabinet of good quality, or just the doors and drawers? It is sometimes done to lower kitchen cabinets indoor and outdoor use costs.
  4. Maintenance: How easy is it to clean up spills of liquid and grease and clean the cabinets? Will the cabinets need much work every few years to keep them in good shape?

Let’s look at what the most popular outdoor kitchen cabinet materials have in common so you can decide what to buy. There is no order to how important these things are.

5 Best Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Materials

1. Marine-grade aluminum

Aluminium is another metal that could be used for a cabinet, but not just any aluminum will do. Aluminum is naturally resistant to rust and is often used for things that go in the water. Marine-grade aluminum with thick gauges is used to make shelves for outdoor kitchens. It makes sure that the structure is stable. Steel cabinets are heavier than aluminum cupboards. They are a good choice for stainless steel cabinets, and you have a lot of freedom to choose the finish and add features like pull-out drawers and accessory racks.

2. Stainless steel

People like stainless steel kitchen drawers because they work well in an outdoor cooking area. One of the best things about them is that they last a long time if you buy cabinets made of high-quality stainless steel. If you put steel cabinets outside, rust will be your biggest worry. When you buy shelves, pay attention to how thick the steel is. This is measured in gauges; the lower the number, the stronger the steel, which means it will be more stable. A steel cabinet should be between 16 and 20 gauges thick. Another thing you should look for in your steel kitchen cabinets is how well they are made. Ensure that the frames are strong and the ends are welded so they won’t fall apart after a few years. Stainless steel is also one of the most popular cabinet materials for outdoor kitchens because it can be used in many ways. Powder coating technology stops rust and lets you use a wide range of artistic finishes. It means using solid colors, making one-of-a-kind designs, and even making them look like real wood.

3. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 

HDPE is a plastic material that can be used for many different things. Plastic is often used outside because it won’t rust, corrode, or rot. The environment can cause warping and cracking, and the color will fade if exposed to sunshine. Plastic can also melt, so if HDPE is used for outdoor grill cabinets, the oven must be made of stainless steel.

4. Concrete

Concrete is strong and can be made into any shape. It can also be covered with stones or tiles and stained in any color. It is, however, very thin and can crack over time. Installation takes a long time and needs to be done by a professional.

5. Masonry

Masonry cabinets are made by putting a stucco veneer, decorative stone, or brick on top of a metal frame or concrete blocks. The natural look of masonry cabinets makes your outdoor kitchen look more built-in and gives it a unique look. You can choose materials that look good outside your house or with things like a porch or a rock wall.

Now that you know more about the different materials for outdoor kitchen cabinets, which one will work best for you to make your dream outdoor living space? Let us know in the comments below.

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