5 Benefits of Using Your Local Laundromat

    Man Doing Laundry Reaching Inside Washing Machine

    It looks like you’re digging into your emergency clean clothes stash. Is your washing machine giving you trouble again?

    You can’t avoid laundry day forever. Luckily, homeowners and renters enjoy over 35,000 laundromats nationwide!

    A broken washing machine at home is just one reason to visit your local laundromat.

    Discover five more squeaky-clean benefits.

    1. Powerful and Efficient Washing Machines

    Do your clothes still come out faded, dingy, and stained despite owning a washing machine?

    Even people with washers will bring certain items to a public laundromat, knowing they’ll receive a much deeper clean.

    Furthermore, laundromats have machines capable of washing extra-large loads and multiple bed comforters.

    For example, check out this page: https://stockridgelaundry.com/.

    As you can see, the laundromat’s washers can handle 8-times the load of regular machines. Plus, express wash services are available for customers in a rush.

    2. More Dryer Options

    Think about how long it takes to do your laundry. Most of that time is devoted to drying.

    An average wash cycle is about 30 minutes, while the dryer can take an hour to complete. It takes even longer if you have a low-performing dryer.

    Like high-capacity washers, laundromats have powerful dryers you can’t buy at your local Walmart.

    Commercial dryers can handle these difficult items at once:

    • Multiple comforters and duvets
    • Thick blankets and quilts
    • Canvas shoes
    • Thick drapes and curtains
    • Puffy winter coats

    Even better, your washer and dryer locks once the cycle starts, allowing you to leave and come back.

    3. Professional Dry Cleaning Services

    Do your clothes require dry cleaning?

    Chances are you don’t have commercial dry cleaning equipment in your home. Fortunately, many local laundromats offer dry cleaning services for an extra charge.

    If you aren’t sure about dry cleaning, check the label.

    You’ll often find dry cleaning directions for silk, wool, and taffeta. Handmade clothes with sequins, beads, and hand embroidery must be dry cleaned. Velvet goods, suits, pleated skirts, and chiffon should go to the dry cleaners too.

    4. Enjoy a Little Me Time at the Laundromat

    Doing laundry doesn’t have to be a burden. In fact, it’s the perfect place to decompress after work.

    Many local laundromats have free WiFi for customers. Plug into your favorite apps and playlists as you wait for your laundry to finish. You can finally start that long-awaited book.

    If you’re feeling a bit more social, strike up a conversation with your fellow locals!

    5. On-the-Go Services

    What if you don’t have time to wait?

    Start using a laundromat that offers wash and fold services. For a reasonable fee, drop off your laundry, and come back to clean, dry, and folded clothes.

    Do you prefer late-night laundry?

    Look for local laundromats that are open 24-hours. You’ll have access to commercial washers and dryers, but wash and fold services are only offered during the day.

    Enjoy Your Local Laundry Services

    Do you have another stubborn stain?

    Visit your local laundromat for reliable washers, dryers, dry cleaning, and express services. Plus, laundry services are always available when your own washing machine is down.

    Don’t miss out on more tips and tricks for your life. Follow the blog to stay in the loop!

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