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4 Ways to Easily Fill the Skill Gaps in Your Workforce


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Only half of the 22 million jobs that were lost throughout the COVID pandemic have been filled.

Although unemployment benefits seem likely to blame, this problem is also due to people knowing their worth.

If you are having trouble recruiting and want to fill positions, you must have an enticing offer and know how to get these quality candidates.

Continue reading to discover the best ways to fill skill gaps within your company so that you can run efficiently!

1. Make a Post

Since the pandemic hit, most communication is online or via phone.

If you want your job posting to reach out to a younger or newer field of applicants, consider posting information online. There are various job finding sites that employers and people use to find jobs. Don’t be afraid to utilize multiple sites, watch out for pesky fees along the way.

Posting on social media accounts can also attract candidates in your local area. Make sure that you include enough details about your job opening and benefits so that candidates can identify if they will be a good fit!

2. Cross-Train Staff

If you are trying to find employees, one of the best solutions you can do in the meantime is to cross-train staff.

This can become overwhelming to current staff, who are helping hold up the business, however. Be sure that you organize and distribute work evenly, this will help prevent burnout.

One of the largest benefits of cross-training staff is that you will also have more assistance with training once you get new hires. Although cross-training won’t improve recruitment, it will help offer a different perspective.

3. Recruit New Staff with Professional Help

It is important to have long-term employees working at your company, but by filling in a job position with new staff, you can easily fill skill gaps.

Many people recommend working with a headhunter to find the quality candidates that you are envisioning. Recruitment companies also have access to a large labor force that is ready and willing to work. Working with these companies can help save you precious time and focus on the most important things.

Don’t be afraid to talk to these companies, some specialize in hospitality staffing while others work in technology.

4. Focus on Your Documents

If you are struggling with talent recruitment and can’t seem to find the right person, you may want to start at square one and review your documents.

Many companies don’t realize that vague descriptions can lead to difficulty with candidates. When a candidate is unsure about expectations, they may be nervous to apply, even if they are just what you are looking for.

Take extra time to review all of your posts and job descriptions so that you can save everyone some time!

Fill Skill Gaps in Your Company Today

If you are hoping to fill skill gaps within your company, you must know how to properly recruit good candidates.

By posting online and utilizing recruitment companies, you can quickly fill positions. Spending time on job descriptions can also help you weed out unqualified candidates.

It may take some time to fill these skills gaps, but by being educated and focusing on cross-training, your company can be prepared.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about successfully running a business and skill gap analysis!

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