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4 Foolproof Pointers To A Successful Blog

Are you contemplating on starting a blog? Aside from being a productive hobby, blogging is a great way to express yourself through creative content and photos. You can be considered as an influencer, too, affecting the choices of your readers and heeding your recommendations as theirs as well.

Blogging can go beyond mere pastime and be a career that will eventually bring food on the table and even support your needs and your family.

To maximize the chances of your success in blogging, here are four foolproof pointers to consider. 

Get a Domain Name

The domain name is your blog address. It is where people and your followers find you. Though there are free blogging sites available, opt to pay for a domain name. Having a domain name is like buying a house with your name on the contract while using a free blogging site equates to just renting space, and the house is not under your name. To make it easy to understand, Google’s address, for instance, is www.google.com.

Your domain name must be easy to remember and something that can readily be associated to you. Avoid choosing hard to spell and difficult to remember names, unless you aim to be unique. Sometimes, those who would like to be far too different from others find it hard to have a place unless they have extraordinary features like above average content.

Your domain name must also reflect who you are and what you can offer as an influencer. To establish yourself as a travel blogger, for example, consider a domain name like www.yournamewanders.com. The name alone gives a hint that the blog is about your experiences as a travel blogger.

The most common domain extensions are .com, .org, and .net. Use any of these instead as less commonly used and unique domain extensions may be too difficult for your followers to remember. And because they are not commonly used, you aren’t sure if they came from a trustworthy source.

Find Your Niche

To confidently write a post, find your niche. A blog niche clearly defines the specific topics you cover and write. You also talk to a particular audience who are also passionate about your musings, narratives, and discoveries. With a specific theme, your followers can quickly discover your unique perspective and voice.

Choosing a niche for your blog is not difficult. Just write what you are passionate about, and everything else will fall to its proper places. Sample blog niches are food, parenting, and travel.

Remember that as you concentrate on your niche, your followers will realize that you add value to their lives too. Sooner than later, they will subscribe to your blog and all social media channels, follow your recommendations, and before you know it, you have already established yourself as a legitimate blogger.

Write quality content

It follows that as you decide for your niche, you know the topics you are most comfortable writing about. As a mommy blogger, for instance, you can write about cloth diapering, babywearing, and breastfeeding, in such a way that it seems you are merely narrating an experience.

Your followers will find the sincerity in your writing, and they will start to engage with you through comments.

As most bloggers and even NYC SEO expert say that content is king, provide a quality copy. Be careful with your grammar and spelling. Double check your sentence structure and make sure you have a perfect story outline.

Promote on Social Media

Aside from search engines, your blog posts can reach your followers and potential readers through social media. Connect with them using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter among other platforms.

In blogging, find your voice and let your voice be heard. Establish authority in your domain name, content, and social media shares. Over time, your followers and even new readers will frequently follow your blog until one day; almost everyone looks up to you as a successful and respected blogger.

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