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4 Convincing Reasons to Hire a Local Marketing Agency

Did you know that some experts argue that marketing is more important than the product or service you’re trying to sell? It’s true. You could have the best product ever, but if your marketing plan is ineffective (or nonexistent), it won’t matter.

Not all marketing agencies are created equal, though. You need to look for one that specializes in your type of business but you also might want to consider a local marketing agency over one that is based elsewhere.

Read on to learn more about the importance of hiring a local marketing agency.

1. Local Agencies Can Help Build a Local Network

If you live in a small town in the Midwest, for example, and hire a marketing agency in Los Angeles or New York City, they are not going to have the local connections to help you build a local network.

A local agency can set up meetings with local vendors and business partners and can also support other local small businesses, such as printers or event spaces. They can also help facilitate the sponsorship of different local events or local youth sports teams.

If you choose to work with a marketing agency that’s not local to your area, you will likely lose out on these opportunities as they are not typically in tune with your local business community.

2. They Understand the Local Market

A local marketing agency understands the local market and what works in your area and what doesn’t. You likely have a target market, whether that be older consumers, parents, or young millennials, and you need an agency that understands how to gain their attention.

Further, your agency needs to understand the local culture, customs, and lingo. For example, the city of Pittsburgh has its own lingo, including words such as “yinz” and “nebby.” If you aren’t local to Pittsburgh, you’d never know to include those in a marketing campaign.

3. Local Agencies are More Accessible

If you’re working with a marketing agency hundreds or thousands of miles away from you, you’re most likely going to be meeting with them virtually. A local agency can provide in-person meetings, which might be preferred by your organization.

Virtual meetings can often seem impersonal and it’s difficult to get a feel for an agency if you aren’t meeting them in person, and likewise, they can’t really get a feel for your business if they can’t meet with you in person, touch and see your product, or visit your location.

4. They Are Invested in Your Success

A local agency that is invested in your community wants you to succeed because the more local businesses that succeed, the better off the community is. Not only does your success mean good things for their marketing agency, but it also boosts the local community small business environment.

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Hire a Local Marketing Agency Today

As you are thinking about marketing in the upcoming year, consider outsourcing yours to a local marketing agency. The local connection has numerous benefits for you and your community.

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