3 Things to Consider Before Selling on Alibaba

3 Things to Consider Before Selling on Alibaba

Alibaba may be one of the most popular online shopping websites in China, but it is not what it used to be. When Alibaba began, it was a platform for small-scale businesses and wholesale traders. As time went on, the platform has been slowly transformed into an online marketplace for middle-to-large-sized enterprises.

This transformation does not necessarily mean that Alibaba will no longer cater to small companies and suppliers; however, with that comes more regulations that must be followed by any business who wishes to sell on its website. In order to avoid any trouble before selling on Alibaba, there are three things you should consider before diving in deep.

What to Consider Before Selling on Alibaba

First and foremost, Alibaba is a Chinese company, which means that the way it does business will be vastly different than in North America.

Second, any company selling on Alibaba must be able to meet certain requirements. This includes having a registered trademark, being located within China’s jurisdiction, and having no history of violating international laws or intellectual property rights.

Third, they’re looking for businesses that are “viable.” This means that you have been operating for more than two years, your annual sales have been above $1 million USD for more than two years in a row, and you have at least one employee who has been working with you for more than two years.

After you’ve met these three requirements, the sales process is pretty straightforward: You’ll need to submit an application form and provide documents proving your eligibility to sell on Alibaba. If all goes well, you’ll find yourself sitting at your computer screen moments later!

Alibaba and the Regulations it Enforces

1) Know the minimum requirements for selling on Alibaba.

One of the regulations that Alibaba imposes is that any business wishing to sell on its website must have a registered company with a legal entity and an address. This means that they must be able to prove they are legitimate, and that their company will be around long enough to provide uninterrupted service.

2) Be prepared to answer questions from Alibaba’s customer service.

It’s not only important to have your business registered with Alibaba, but also for your business to be in good standing with them. They will send you emails asking for confirmation on your information, so it’s important not just to accept the offer, but also reply back promptly with what they need.

3) Understand Alibaba’s terms and conditions.

Alibaba has a wide range of policies and terms which should be read carefully before registering with the site. The most important thing to note is their policy on trademark infringement: make sure you’re not infringing upon anyone else’s rights before selling something on their site because they may stop all transactions if someone complains. It’s important not just to check this out before starting your business on Alibaba but also when you start selling there!


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