3 Simple Steps To Adding A Virtual Membership Option To Your Business Mode


    If there’s one thing lockdown has shown us, it’s that gym users are hungry for virtual classes. How can you incorporate virtual membership packages into your business model and monetize online workouts and instruction videos?

    Well-designed virtual membership packages will not only help boost your profits and generate growth, but they also help your members get better results. There are three key things to consider when putting together a virtual membership option for your business:

    Step 1: Think about how you’ll put together your virtual fitness package.

    • Identify what you can offer – think about what your members are looking for, and why they should come to YOU. This could be specializing in a specific style of workout or any other USP that sets YOUR services apart from others
    • Put together a features list, such as exclusive content from your website or app; nutritional advice with a tailored nutrition plan and video conferencing sessions with your PTs and experts
    • Your online package is a chance for you to stand out from your competitors – It should describe who you are and what kind of results members can expect. Most importantly, it should define who the package is for with easy to understand pricing

    Step 2: Make sure you price your online workouts effectively.

    Attending a virtual workout should cost members less than attending the gym. You may even consider offering them for free or as ‘added value’ especially if your premises are closed – it’s a great way to maintain relationships with customers.

    Pricing your online workouts can be tricky because you need to take several different factors into account, including:

    •  How much members already pay for their membership in the gym or leisure center (based on average rates) – this will help determine the pricing of new virtual classes.
    • Your reputation and experience as well as overhead costs which may include equipment maintenance fees if not owned outright.
    • The capacity—the maximum number of clients/members supported at any one time
    • Which virtual workouts you are offering and the cost to the PT or instructor
    • Whether or not you are offering a purely virtual membership, i.e. you don’t need to be a gym member to sign-up

    Step 3: Back up your new virtual offering with the right leisure management software

    Selecting the right platform partner is key to successfully offering a virtual membership package to existing and new customers. Here are four key features you should look out for.

    • Customer relationship management is a constant challenge for companies of all sizes. The right software can streamline your operations and give you peace of mind knowing that everything from bookings to payments are being tracked in one place—all while retaining customer data without compromising security or losing any valuable information about them
    • Online bookings: Give your customers the freedom to view and pay for their next session from their smartphones. This is a great, convenient option especially if you have virtual members who don’t want the hassle of coming into the gym
    • Customer communications: Engage and stay in close contact with your members by email or SMS
    • Native app: The Native Apps can offer a seamless, hassle-free experience for your members. They must be available on Apple iOS and Android devices allowing you to reach out with push notifications or personalized messages – You can also stream live workouts from anywhere in the world

    The world has been going virtual for a long time now. Virtual workouts enable members to work on their fitness goals in private and at a time that suits them, 24/7. You’ll also find it easier than ever to recruit new members and you won’t have to worry about space or capacity – even if the gym or leisure center itself is closed after business hours.

    Gyms and leisure centers are a vital part of the local community. They provide inspiration, give members something new to try out daily and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A virtual offering is another way to build strong and long lasting relationships.

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