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2.0 Catch Cheating partner series: Is my partner cheating on me?


Lots of reasons why your partner is cheating on you, this article will enlighten you on how to spot a cheater and how to catch cheating partner. There are many signs that your boyfriend, partner, wife or husband is unfaithful. But often the following will reveal his fraud: Change in cell phone usage habits – Cell phones are suddenly being hidden more often. Change your hygiene habits – you start to be more conscious of your image * Change daily habits and routines ……Of course there are more signs.

I conducted an extensive investigation into the exact signs of infidelity gathered from my own real-life experiences. Is it true that once unfaithful, you will be unfaithful again? No, that’s a myth. Some people cheat over and over again and can’t stop. This is the famous infidelity I talked about above. It can be the chase, thrill, love and many other things that can be the cause. for some , it’s a one off event that they may regret. My husband/wife is having an affair – what should I do now? First, you need to have a serious conversation and ask all the questions then you need to decide to catch cheating partner.

Cheating doesn’t mean your relationship has to end. I just want to make sure! But there is no doubt that there is still a lot of work to be done to build trust. But first you need to be sure that your partner is cheating on you, you cant act solely based on suspicion. You need hard facts! Hire a professional to help you catch cheating partner

Catch cheating partner

At Detechgeek, we are a team of highly skilled, certified professionals . We will give you the peace you deserve by helping you discover the truth and discover your unfaithful or cheating spouse. We are equipped to provide the best services, we are fast and efficient in everything we do. Catch cheating partner today.

A person who has been cheated on will likely be angry, hurt, and disappointed – and may doubt their own feelings. If you are still hesitant about going and staying, I advise you to wait. Especially if there are children involved. Once the first part of the emotional crisis subsides and you are no longer panicking, you can regain your sanity. A major mental crisis occurs when cheating is discovered but you can catch cheating partner then decide on what to do.

When the unfaithful partner realizes the consequences of the affair, they may feel very bad about their actions and when the affair is first discovered and brought to light, tension, Depression and/or anxiety may follow.

Norwegian studies on infidelity have shown that in the next  five  years,  about  50%  of cheaters will develop mental illness. Examples include different types of disorders, depression can set in, and even post-traumatic stress disorder. As a result, those who are unfaithful may also suffer emotionally. Although this emotional turmoil is very different from what someone who has experienced infidelity feels like. For people who have had an affair, the following symptoms often appear:

Broken trust

Loss of credibility dishonesty

Lies Anxiety

heart palpitations and stress symptoms Uncertainty about one’s own worth

Feelings of blaming yourself for what happened: “Maybe it was my fault” (No, it wasn’t my fault) (I’m not the culprit, or I’m not).

In some cases, sexual desire increases markedly, often as a consequence. Try to piece the story together to form a picture Anger, sadness, rage and grief. The problem for the initiator of an affair is often: their own perception of themselves and the initiator of the affair. The cheater’s perception of himself or herself as  a  “proper  person”  is  often  shattered.  In  the case of a long-term affair, there can be a lot of lying and cover-ups. Sometimes the guilt is so strong that it’s impossible to talk about because the shame is so overwhelming that you just want it to “go away” (and no, pretending it didn’t happen is not a good idea).

You feel useless and don’t know how to apologize or repair the damage caused. Symptoms of sleep disorders and stress. The unfaithful person often realizes how much pain their actions or inactions have caused them and how long it will take them to emotionally cleanse and heal. When infidelity is discovered and brought to light, many emotions often need to be released, cleansed, and processed. This takes a long time  for  most  people.  It  also  takes longer than you initially think. If we’re talking about long-term relationships and lies that have lasted for years, then you can expect that moving on with your life can take years.

Of course, things will improve over time if you actively work on them. But. It will take you a long time to trust someone you trusted 100% again. And this person has destroyed your trust (in this relationship) in the worst way. We take pride in the fact that we have helped lots of people and couples get over their infidelity problems. So I know that you can move on with your life after cheating. Though it can be a difficult and long journey.


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