14 Best Facial Hair Removal Methods of 2023

    Of all the body hair, getting rid of facial hair is the hardest as they’re thin and the fact they’re on the softest part of the body. Facial hair removal is a common concern for those seeking smooth, hair-free skin. Look at our blog on Ulike IPL to know more about getting rid of facial hair for a painless and smooth skin experience.

    Although there are multiple efficient and effective available methods to get rid of your unwanted facial hair, Here are 14 popular options:

    1.  Shaving

    It involves using a razor (electric or manual ) that trims down or removes hair from the skin’s surface.

    2.  Waxing

    One of the quickest yet most painful hair removal methods is waxing, which involves applying hot/ warm wax to the desired area. You only need a paper or cloth strip to remove the wax; the faster, the better.

    3.  Tweezing

    This works best if you only have hair in specific areas, like the chin or eyebrows. A tweezer is a small tool for extracting the desired hair from its roots. It’s painful, but it works best if you only use them on focused areas.

    4.  Depilatory Creams

    These creams contain specific chemicals that break down the proteins in hair and weaken them. You can use water or a damp cloth to wash unwanted hair.

    5.  Threading

    Regarding ingrown hair, threading is an excellent, fast way to remove unwanted hair from its roots. This ancient South Asian technique requires a string/thread to remove hair, usually used for areas with less hair, like upper lips, eyebrows, or chin.

    6.  Epilation

    If you’re in a hurry and want smooth and hairless skin, try Epilator. This magical electric gadget can extract multiple hairs from a chosen area. It might be painful, but it would stop those little monsters from returning for at least two good weeks.  

    7.  Laser Hair Removal

    Another painless yet slow process to get rid of unwanted hair is laser treatments. All you have to do is go to a professional and let them use infrared technology to break your unwanted hair follicle. It’s a painless experience but requires multiple visits to remove hair permanently.

    8.  Electrolysis

    It involves inserting a tiny metallic probe or electrode into each of your hair using electric current to diminish the hair’s roots. It is pain-free, yet you might feel a tingling sensation during the process; if it bothers you much, then talk to your professional to use a numbing or anesthetic cream.

    9.  Dermaplaning

    It involves a surgical scalpel that scrapes off the epidermis from your skin, along with peach fuzz. This treatment is safe and has multiple benefits, like removing acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, facial hair, etc.

    10. Laser/IPL Hair Removal Devices

    Welcome to an era where you can remove hair from the comfort of your home with an FDA-approved device, entering IPL. Check Ulike facial hair removal to learn more about using IPL devices.  

    11.Prescription Creams

    Is there a way to get rid of facial hair without pain? Yes, try Vaniqa cream. A magical cream that can slow down facial hair growth and helps you get rid of the existing facial hair. Use twice a day for better results.

    12.Chemical Peels

    These cosmetic treatments include applying a paste on the face, chin or neck, etc. Although its primary goal is to have smooth and vibrant skin, it comes with another benefit: removing facial hair. Yes! Just apply a chemical solution to your face and let it dry. Once dried, gently remove the peel for a young, hair-free skin experience.

    13.Natural Remedies

    For those who are too afraid to try these advanced hair-removing methods, try using vegan and organic pastes, totally homemade. Try using turmeric, banana, oatmeal, or lemon sugar for clear, bright, smooth, and hair-free skin.

    14.Professional Treatments

    Consult a professional before trying any conventional or advanced facial hair removal method. Only an expert knows your skin well and would recommend what’s best for your skin.

    Final Note

    Only an expert gives you the best option for your skin’s compatibility. If you can afford it, it’s imperative to consult a professional for more honest advice. Which method do you ry for removing your facial hair? Let us know in the comments below.

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