10 Tips to make good PowerPoint presentations


    PowerPoint is still the most common tool when it comes to making professional presentations. However, many people underestimate its possibilities and use only basic techniques and templates. To help you create a top notch presentation that attracts attention, NeitDesign Presentations share 10 tips to make good presentations:

    • Use many images to make it visual

    In current presentations avoid putting too much text and get the attention of those who contemplate the presentation through powerful images. If it is a spoken presentation, you can use a script to complete the information without the need to include all the text in your PowerPoint.

    • Use fonts with a current design

    To get out of the classic fonts like “Time News Roman” or “Verdana” download any you like and go in tune with your company or project on dafont.com a website with hundreds of downloadable fonts for free.

    All you have to do is download the type of font you like. The file is compressed in Zip format. Unzip the folder and copy the source file. Then paste it into the “Fonts” folder that is inside the “Windows” folder. Each type of source includes terms of use. Check them to see if you can use it or not.

    • Design ideas

    PowerPoint 2019 suggests design ideas. They are very useful for not having to think too much like distributing texts and images, making covers … In «Design» – «Design Ideas»

    • Use the transparencies

    To highlight the letters on the background of the image, you can use the option of shapes (square, round, rectangular with curved lines, arrows, etc.) give it to fill and in «Shape Format» give transparency in the percentage enough to make them look the letters without losing the background image.

    • Create Movement with animations

    Forget about static presentations. The eye is accustomed to movement. You can move the shapes by duplicating several slides and placing the shape at different points to make it look like they are moving. Or use the “animations” section.

    • Use transitions

    Transitions are used a lot in videos but also presentations. Why not? When you change the subject, insert a transition and see the result. If you like it, go ahead, make your presentation come alive!

    • Insert Videos or Audios

    The videos form an almost obligatory part of a good presentation. It is a way that everything you want to convey to your audience enters through the eyes. There is an option to include videos and audios. If you are going to present with another computer, remember to take the video or audio with you, copy it to the computer and include the video again so that everything goes perfectly.

    • Do not go over with your logo

    Some think that for the presentation to be more corporate, the logo must be introduced on all slides. No, it is not necessary. Always enter it at the beginning and end.

    • Add add-ons to PowerPoint

    If you have an Internet connection, PowerPoint 2019 offers the “Online Store” where you can incorporate applications and/or add-ons that help improve presentations.

    An interesting complement is “Pickit Free Images” with images to insert into presentations or “PickMe – Presentation images” that includes images, backgrounds, vectors, and shapes to add to the presentation. But there are many more, free and paid; you just have to take a look at the online store.

    • Don’t forget about Social Networks

    In how many conferences we have found that we did not know what the event hashtag was to share thoughts on social networks. Do not forget to include the hashtag at the beginning of the presentation as well as your social media profiles. On the one hand, you facilitate your audience to talk about your presentation in social networks and you will also be helping your brand and increasing your followers.