Which Are The Best Themes For A Birthday Party?


It requires a lot of planning to make your child’s birthday special. You need to make a checklist of friends and based on the number of pax, search for Birthday party places in Houston . After you have done the initials, finalize the party theme, and book the place that makes your theme work.

Different themes for birthday party

You can choose from the following ideas as per your child’s likings for the party. 

Sport the birthday

If your kid is a sports lover, theme the birthday with a sporty look and let the kids be sportspersons. 

Let the Ringmasters rule

A circus is a place where every child loves to be. Ask your guests to get outfitted like a clown, jugglers or unicyclists and get rubber noses for them. 

Carnival time

Carnival games are what the kids enjoy the most. So rent a space and accessorize it with games. The kids will enjoy playing games at the party.

A nature party

Your nature lover kiddos will get lost in the natural beauty by the nature theme. So, decorate the room with flowers and find some nature games to play at the birthday party.

Party amidst the universe

The universe excites the kids, hence give a universe look, or a wonderland look to the party. The kids can dress up as aliens and enjoy the party looking at each other and playing games that are related to the universe. 

The retro bash party

The retro theme is a mixture of fun and success. So go back to the ’80s or ’90s, find trends ongoing that time and decorate the party space accordingly. 

Animal mash-up

It is yet another theme that children like. So, think about games and get a jungle-themed cake for the party.

Castle party

Get your kiddos to dress like prince and princesses. Let them dance on soft music and buy royal return gifts for them.

Rainbow party

Set the party in the colors of a rainbow. Get a colorful cake, drinks, eatables, and return gifts in a rainbow theme. 

Party into the ocean

Prepare a seashell crown for your birthday boy/girl. Use blues and purples to complement the theme and serve lots of seafood. Ask the kids to be dressed up as little mermaids and merboys. 

The rule of cartoon

Every child fancies a cartoon character. Get the theme based on your child’s favorite character and design the party his way. 

A camp party

If your child’s birthday arrives in summer, this is the privilege you can avail. Buy a big tent from party tents for sale and take the little ones for an adventurous party.

Movie party

Organize a pajama party and tune in their favorite movie. Arrange lots of popcorn and cake and let the kids enjoy it.

The ramp party

Ask the younger models to get ready to walk the ramp. The young fashionistas will surely make the party appreciating. Give prizes to the best dressed, also make them move their feet and get a lively atmosphere at the party.

Get, set, white & black!

Decorate everything in black and white. Table clothes, dishes, cake, return gifts, also ask everybody to wear either black, white or, a combination of both the colors.

The talent show party

Invite the guests and ask them to prepare something to showcase their skills in the talent show. This way you can get to know about the hidden talent of friends, also, give away prizes to all those who participate.

Wrapping up

Once you decide the theme, discuss it with the professionals at Kids Birthday Party places in Houston, and question them on how can they help to turn your idea a success.

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