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What is the difference between dump truck and dump trailer?


If you are preparing or are engaged in the transportation of bulk and scattered goods such as coal, ore, earthwork, building materials, etc., are you still troubled about what kind of equipment to choose before starting the transportation work? Before choosing the most suitable transport equipment for you, it is necessary to carry out an assessment of the transport work, and SUNSKY VEHICLE can give you the most professional advice.

What is a dump truck? His advantage and limitations?

A dump truck is a car that mainly transports goods and has an automatic dumping compartment. Specifically, it should be equipped with a hydraulic lifting mechanism driven by the car’s own engine, which can unload the carriage or tilt the carriage at a certain angle, and the cargo can be unloaded by itself by its own weight. The dump truck is self-propelled as a self-contained vehicle with its own engine, chassis and hydraulic system for lowering and raising the dump bed.

Dump trucks can shuttle in a small independent space and operate independently, so they are famous for their maneuverability and versatility in various construction and transportation applications. Although they can carry a large amount of materials, their capacity is compared to Dump trailers still have limitations, and because of their complete, self-contained design, they tend to be expensive to purchase and maintain. They require ongoing maintenance of the truck chassis and dump truck mechanism.


What is a dump trailer? His advantage and limitations?

A dump trailer is a trailer used for transporting and unloading bulk materials, with a discharge mechanism. It usually consists of a trailer chassis and a container for loading goods, and realizes unloading through hydraulic or mechanical devices. The dump trailer can be towed by a tractor. By lifting or tilting the container, the dump trailer can carry larger volume and volume of goods, realize fast and efficient unloading of goods, and improve work efficiency. Its design and capacity can be adjusted according to specific needs to meet various transportation needs.

Due to the flexibility of dump trailers, although they can be separated from the towing vehicle for other purposes, they need to be equipped with a relative tractor head, which leads to high initial investment costs and increased budget.

Whether you choose a dump truck or a dump trailer, you need to consider the specific application, load capacity requirements, maneuverability needs and budget. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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