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VanceAI Photo Restorer Makes Old Photo Restoration Accessible


With old photo restoration, you can actually open up multiple design options for your images that otherwise wouldn’t be possible or feasible. When you enhance old photos, you remove their damage marks as much as possible while also improving their quality by a great margin. You can bring old photos back to life by using VanceAI Photo Restorer and that is what we’ll be dealing with in this review. With the help of such an application, you can improve the quality of your old family photos, old historical photos, and more. Not to mention that a feature of the Photo Restorer also enables you to colorize an old image while you’re repairing it. If not, you could always use impressive looking images for professional reasons, such as in advertising or photography.

Why choose an AI Photo Restorer?

When it comes to photo restoration, it’s no secret that it is a more complicated task than other image editing tasks. Therefore, in order to remove scratches from old photos online, one of the best choices a user could make is to use VanceAI.com. The reason being that VanceAI uses AI and Machine Learning technologies for image processing, making them automatic tools to use. For example, when you’re using VanceAI, you can just upload an image and let the tool handle the actual repairing or processing of the image. Compared to the usual software applications, you’re not expected to do much at all. The AI old photo restoration is designed in a way to suit beginners and users who are not into photo editing. Not to mention that steady application platforms such as VanceAI also tend to have fast servers, so you can get your results in a short amount of time.

Considering photo restoration online and the fast servers of VanceAI, it should also be noted that using VanceAI doesn’t apply too much pressure on your computer systems. This is due to the servers it has hosted as a cloud service. Apart from that, VanceAI also offers other image editing tools on its platform that are generally pretty useful in photo editing and you can also use a few tools together to get better results than usual. Since its launch, the platform has introduced more than 12 unique image editing and enhancement tools. With the help of VanceAI Photo Restorer, users can quickly enhance old photos and have them stored in a digital storage drive somewhere for preservation.

How to Restore Old Photos with VanceAI Photo Restorer?

In order torestore old photos, you can follow the steps below in order to get the results in the simplest way. It will only take a few steps.


Step 1: When you click on the link given above, you will be redirected to the web page of the Photo Restorer tool. From there, you can simply click on Upload Image to get to the Workspace for uploading images.

Step 2: Inside VanceAI Restorer Workspace, you can manage all the essentials in one place. The upload button will let you select images for upload. Apart from that, you can switch between VanceAI tools from the drop-down menu given on the right, check image credits in your account from the top indicator, and more. After uploading an image, click on Start to Process. The tool will begin processing the image.

Step 3: After a short while, you will see the result image appear to the right of the Workspace. You can download it by using the Download Image button on the right side of the Workspace. You can find your image in your local storage.

Most VanceAI tools work the same way. Hence, you can take this guide as a standard for using VanceAI.

Old Photos Restored by VanceAI Photo Restorer

The following are the images restored by VanceAI Photo Restorer. We will be examining the result quality and more.

1. Old Bicycle Lady Portrait Enhanced

The old photo restoration tool, in this example, enhances the quality of the image considerably. The image noise has been reduced a lot as well. The most change is through the face enhancement that the tool does with portraits. You could clearly see the details of the After image from afar but the same wouldn’t be possible with the Before image. The little black spots could be reduced further, however. In such cases, you can click on the Edit option after the image is processed to manually mark spots in an image to remove them.

2. Old Man Portrait Repaired

When it comes to the removal of damage spots in an image, this example does better than the last one. This image had white tear marks on the image, which the old photo restoration tool removes to quite an extent. There are still some leftovers of the tear on the image but are not impactful as before. The tool again manages to do a great job with face enhancement and it seems to be its strong point. Other than that, the photo restoration tool changes the color tone of the image to something better. Using the photo colorization here could be a good decision.

3. Old Historical Photo Colorized

A pretty great feature offered by the Photo Restorer is about adding colors to black and white images. By using this feature, the tool first repairs the image and then colorizes it. This combination can make your images look really different from their original. As we can see from the above example, the tool does create impressive color versions of old black and white photos. The best part about the image is that the colors are pretty rich and believable.


If you’re a user who wants efficiency from an old photo restoration tool, then VanceAI Photo Restorer is easily among the best choices you can make. This also applies to users who are new to photo editing or people who have many old vintage, historical, and family photos to convert. The AI technology of VanceAI Photo Restorer allows it to process images at a quick pace while also providing good results. By adding the colorization feature, you can not only restore old photos but also give them a whole new look.

Additional Choices from VanceAI

VanceAI is a pretty accessible platform as it provides a wide variety of image editing tools and options to its users. These tools can help you out in creative photo editing, boost productivity, and much more. If you want to improve the quality of your images, you can use VanceAI Image Enhancer, which brings out the finer details of an image effortlessly. You can also use VanceAI Photo Colorizer in case you want to give old images a new look by adding colors to them. Or you can improve image quality or upscale images to a higher level through other tools from VanceAI Productivity Series. Apart from this, VanceAI also offers a free of cost and online based PDF processing tool that goes by VancePDF.com.

Speaking of accessibility, VanceAI has recently introduced VanceAI JA, which is basically the entire VanceAI platform in Japanese. This is meant to make VanceAI easier to use for users from Japan.

Free Alternative to VanceAI

You can first get started with old photo restoration by using the VanceAI Photo Restorer alternative, supported by VanceAI. This alternative can also do photo restoration online but it does not offer the exclusive features, such as batch processing, that the VanceAI platform does. You can use the alternative by going to photorestoration.ai.

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