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 Top 10 Guidelines to Motivate Remote Employees in 2021


The pandemic has taken a toll on the nature of work. It has opened up opportunities for the employees to enjoy their work in the comfort of their homes. However, it came as a necessity than a requirement from the employees. Around 58.25% of the businesses plan to stay partially remote. The organization has to make extra efforts to ensure that the employees are not disturbed and do not lose track of their work, helping them stay connected to the team. Motivating employees is easier said than done. The recent lockdown scenarios have affected each of the individuals differently. Most employees report stress and loneliness due to the absence of social interactions and increasing pressure on work. 

Here are some of the ways that can be useful to motivate the morale of the employees,

1) Setting clear goals and expectations: Motivation can become easier if the employees are clear about what they should contribute to the organization. It is necessary to clearly define the responsivities of each team member so that the tasks can be properly managed.


2) Explaining the contributions: It becomes necessary for the team members to be aware of how they serve as an asset to the organization’s goals. This ensures that the employees are committed to their goals and can work effectively.


3) Compliments: It can bring in the sense of happiness if employees are recognized for their achievements. Such compliments will make them work harder and work at the same pace towards the organization’s objectives.


4) Sharing the final results with the team: Informing your team about the company’s results can be a booster for their active growth. They will take real-time insights and can serve as a good motivating factor for the employees to keep up their good work.


5) Monitoring software: Employee monitoring software can help bring a sense of awareness that their activities are being tracked. It can help the employees to improve their focus and contribute to the completion of the work.


6) Frequent meetups: Frequent interactions with your team can motivate them to stay on track and keep them updated about the latest news regarding the firm. It can reduce the stress due to the effect of the pandemic as well.


7)Bond of trust: It is necessary to lay your trust in your employees to ensure a one-on-one bond with your team. Trusting your teammates can help them to keep committed to their work.


8) A good workspace: The work from home setups might not be that comfortable as it seems. The organization must make an effort to help the employees arrange a good workspace that enables them to work freely.


9) Measuring your team’s health: Ensure that the organization can arrange wellness programs for employees. A healthy and sound mind can bring in more progress than by focusing on improving productivity only.


10) Encourage your team: Good support can help your team members to surpass the troubles that might be facing during the completion of the work. So make sure that you are available as a good team leader and a mentor for your team.


Also don’t forget that the job characteristics model and the design of work depends on the organization.

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