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The Lifesaving Benefits of Emergency Communication Devices

FCC and FEMA provide a number of tips for communicating in an emergency. Most of them involve relying on a cellular device. One tip they give is signing up for emergency alerts in your local community.

The question is, what systems do first responders use for their emergency communication? How do we make sure that our emergency service personnel are able to stay in touch without relying on cellphones?

Our first responders have their own systems for emergency communication: public safety radio.

Want to know more about why you should invest in emergency communication devices? Read on to learn more about the lifesaving benefits of this radio-based technology.

Emergency Communication Remains Possible Regardless of the Type of Emergency

The average cellphone is a handy device to have, but it isn’t equipped for all emergencies. For example, natural disasters can knock out cellphone towers, rendering your cellphone useless. Harsh conditions can also cause cellphones to physically malfunction.

Emergency communication devices stay connected via specific radio frequencies. These frequencies work in spite of natural disasters.

They are also resistant to damaging substances like water. Take a look at some of the best radios for fire departments. You can learn more about how these devices are more durable than most and which ones to buy.

Public Safety Radio Provides Protection From Intruders

As we mentioned earlier, public safety radio depends on specified radio frequencies. The FCC designated these frequencies for emergency use. You won’t run into interference from private devices or radio stations.

Plus, the individual devices can be activated–and shut off–remotely.

What happens if the wrong person gets ahold of one of your emergency communication devices? You can shut it off without retrieving it. This is a vital way to protect sensitive information.

Emergency Communication Devices Double as Tracking Devices

When dealing with an emergency, first responders show up to protect their community. In turn, we must ensure that we keep them safe.

Handling an emergency in your community typically means that you need all hands on deck. That also means that keeping track of your first responders can become tricky.

Many emergency communication devices come equipped with GPS tracking technology. If you stop hearing from members of your team in the middle of a chaotic emergency, you can track them down and bring them to safety.

Invest In Quality Emergency Communication Devices Today

We may instruct the public to turn to their cellphones in the event of an emergency, but does that mean that we should ask our first responders to do the same? When disasters strike our communities, it is crucial that we are prepared.

That starts with our first responders. Equip them with quality emergency communication devices. This durable, radio-based technology will save lives.

Wondering what other technological devices and developments can improve your community? Bookmark our technology section and stay on top of the latest inventions and developments.

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