The Advantages of Using a Lock Pick Gun for Locksmiths


A lock pick gun, also known as a snap gun or pick gun, is a handheld tool used by locksmiths to quickly and easily open a lock. The lock pick gun works by using a sharp and sudden impact to the lock pins, causing them to jump to the shear line and allowing the lock to be opened without the use of a traditional key. Lock pick guns come in both manual and electric versions, and are often used by locksmiths as a time-saving alternative to traditional lock picking methods. People can add Lock Pick Sets to your tools bag and try to fix the lock problem by yourselves.

Basic Advantages of Using a Lock Pick Gun for Locksmiths


One of the primary advantages of using a lock pick gun is that it can save time for a locksmith. Traditional lock picking methods can be time-consuming, and a lock pick gun can quickly and easily open certain types of locks in seconds. This is especially useful in emergency situations where time is of the essence.


Lock pick guns can be used on a wide variety of locks, including both pin tumbler locks and wafer locks. They can also be used on locks that have been damaged or worn down, as well as on locks that have been deliberately tampered with.

Easy to Use

Lock pick guns are relatively easy to use, and require minimal training to operate. They do not require the same level of skill and dexterity as traditional lock picking methods, and can be used by locksmiths with varying levels of experience.

Minimal damage to the lock

Lock pick guns cause minimal damage to the lock itself, which can be important in situations where the lock needs to be preserved for future use. The use of a lock pick gun can often avoid the need for more invasive methods, such as drilling or cutting the lock.

Effective for certain types of locks

Lock pick guns are particularly effective for opening locks with standard or low-security pin tumbler mechanisms. They are less effective on more complex locks, such as those with spool or mushroom pins, or locks that have been designed specifically to resist picking. However, in situations where a lock pick gun can be used, it can often be the quickest and most efficient method available.

Factors to Consider When Using A Lock Pick Gun

Skill and experience

While lock pick guns are relatively easy to use, they still require a certain level of skill and experience to operate effectively. A locksmith should have a good understanding of how the lock pick gun works and be able to adjust the tool to fit the specific lock they are working on.

Legal and ethical considerations

Locksmiths should be aware of the legal and ethical considerations when using a lock pick gun. In some regions, the use of lock pick guns may be illegal, or locksmiths may be required to obtain a special license to use them. Additionally, locksmiths should consider the ethical implications of using a tool that can potentially be used for criminal purposes.

Lock picking laws in different regions

Lock picking laws vary by region, and locksmiths should be familiar with the laws in their area before using a lock pick gun. Some regions may have specific laws related to lock picking tools, while others may require locksmiths to be licensed or registered.

Types of locks suitable for lock pick gun

Lock pick guns are most effective on standard or low-security pin tumbler locks, and may be less effective on more complex or high-security locks. Locksmiths should be able to identify which types of locks are suitable for a lock pick gun, and when it may be necessary to use alternative methods.

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